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Quotes about Danger

Quotes about Dealers

Quotes about Danger

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I believe the Internet will become as essential as the art gallery for artists. (Dion Archibald)

- Broadcast, 1941...
Let me say that the credit belongs to the boys in the back rooms. It isn't the man who sits in the limelight like me who should have the praise. (Lord Beaverbrook)

Galleries are supposed to act like agents for their artists, but not all of them live up to that standard. And even the best ones still have to balance the needs of their artists with the desires of their collectors - a conflict of interest that simply doesn't exist for agents in other creative fields. (Heather Darcy Bhandari)

To the big-city high-powered galleries demanding exclusivity, my argument is: if you want to be the only agent who sells my work, you must guarantee me a minimum annual income. So far, no one has been willing to do that. (Eleanor Blair)

All my dealers are the best of people... They earn every dollar of their commissions as they are in full partnership with their artists. I can sit in my studio and do nothing but paint pictures. (Harley Brown)

Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays instead of serving you if he sacrifices it to your opinion. (Edmund Burke)

Galleries are the place to see artists before they hit the museums. Good gallerists are innovators who recognize talent and support that. But it's important to remember that the public is a key part of this. (Caryn Coleman)

The almost museum-like quality of other galleries is not for us. We are a Caribbean gallery - we are not demure, we are not shy. We are alive and fun and vibrant! (Nicola deLisser)

When choosing a gallery, don't choose the biggest and best even if your work fits there, but choose an aggressive good gallery in which you are sure to stand out. (Gil Dellinger)

The gallery sites work the best for me - I paint and they collect the money and ship the artwork. (Lorna Dockstader)

No great collection was ever formed without a dealer. (Gil Edelson)

Dealers should not import, export, or transfer the ownership of a work of art where they have reasonable cause to believe that it has been stolen. (Gil Edelson)

However innocent or careful the dealer may have been, no dealer would welcome the inevitable conflict with a good client turned irate on discovering that he or she had been sold a stolen work. (Gil Edelson)

The business of 'offering a work' or 'placing' a series of works in the correct gallery is the 'white stone.' Get your name in the right spot and your life changes. The person who reps you is golden. (Nick Farbacher)

It seems that the Internet is the wave of the future and the gallery will become obsolete. (John Ferrie)

The artists with the biggest egos are the ones who sell the least in the gallery that I manage. I encourage all to paint what is true in your heart and for you to find a rep who really cares about you and your career. (Heidi Foss)

An art gallery is in business to sell art. Ask the same questions you would ask if buying a sofa: 'Have you other work of the artist to show me? How much is the painting? Have you a biography of the artist? Thank you, I'll think about it.' (Jeanne Frank)

Dealer goodwill and friendship are keys to thrival. (Robert Genn)

-in Nicholas Wright's play, Vincent in Brixton...
I lost my job as an art salesman. It was the customer's fault. He wanted to buy the wrong paintings. (Vincent van Gogh)

My job is to get the dealers excited, the dealers' job is to get their customers excited. The customer's job is to tell their friends and get them excited. (Brad Greek)

Have a positive mind-set when showing your work to galleries. (Irwin Greenberg)

Galleries are displaying a product. They're not museums. People shouldn't feel intimidated. (Nohra Haime)

I stopped dating my work after a gallery owner refused to put work in a show that was more than three years old, "It has become redundant now that it is over three years old - why would you show it?" she asked, to which I replied, "You have worked here for over three years - are you redundant?" (Sandra Taylor Hedges)

In one gallery they actually had a notice which said, 'No Sketching.' How obnoxious! I said, 'How do you think these things got on the walls if there was no sketching?' (David Hockney)

-Winslow Homer to Gustav Reichard and Company...
I am quite encouraged at the success of my exhibition and have to thank you for the good management that has produced it. (Winslow Homer)

-to Max Stern...
One of the things I like about our contract is that you have relieved me of a great deal of personal interviewing and corresponding, among other things, which allows me a lot more time for painting. (E. J. Hughes)

The art business is a rarified business and appeals to an audience capable of spending money on a luxury. Too often the atmosphere in a gallery borders on snobbishness. (Scott Kahn)

I love the gallery, the arena of representation. It's a commercial world, and morality is based generally around economics, and that's taking place in the art gallery. (Jeff Koons)

Ending lending is beginning winning. (Mark Kostabi)

It's difficult to find someone who can draw and paint. (Jennifer Kostuik)

There is... a lot of work located in galleries and put on a pedestal that wouldn't hold its own on the film festival circuit, where it would be seen as very surface and shallow. (Andrew Kotting)

- in a letter to Tom Thomson, May 28, 1917...
You had better send down a lot of those sketches of yours as soon as you start in guiding and see if I cannot sell some of them and increase your bank account. (James M. MacCallum)

Networks of galleries, art consultants, museum exhibitions and endless talking about the artist by dealers slowly build that possible 'life ever after' market... (Bill Mayberry, art dealer)

The best artist/gallery relationship is symbiotic in the sense that it should be to our mutual benefit. (Katherine McLean)

-to Amand Gautier...
I'm working hard with more determination than ever. My success at the Salon led to my selling several paintings and since your absence I have made 800 francs; I hope, when I have contracts with more dealers, it will be better still. (Claude Monet)

-to Paul Durand-Ruel...
My aim is to give you only the things with which I am completely satisfied, even if it means asking you a little more [time] for them... for if I were to do otherwise I'd turn into a mere painting machine and you would be landed with a pile of incomplete work which would put off the most enthusiastic of art collectors... (Claude Monet)

-to Paul Durand-Ruel...
Surely you already have a fair number? You do, it's true, keep them cleverly hidden, since they're never on display, which in my opinion is a mistake: what's the point of us painting pictures if the public never gets to see them? (Claude Monet)

Commercial galleries are there to make a profit and they only want a recognizable product. (Alfred Muma)

I want to see work of exceptional skill that expresses a unique vision and a visceral connection with the subject. (John D. O'Hern)

The Impressionists had to fight the gallery system for many years before becoming accepted. One of their methods of fighting was to band together and hold their own shows. (oliver)

The true market for e-galleries is prints, not original art... There needs to be a public setting for art, even if it's only for the brief period of initial exhibition. (Peter Prest)

There were only five galleries in those days, and the artists really depended on each other socially, psychologically, and even critically. It's impossible now. Business sure screwed up the art world universally. (Robert Rauschenberg)

Of course, the artist must have galleries – usual ones or the Internet kind – it is just important that people see the artist's works. (Yaroslaw Rozputnyak)

When you see something special, something inspired, you realise the debt we owe great curators and their unforgettable shows – literally unforgettable because you remember every picture, every wall and every juxtaposition. (Charles Saatchi)

-New York Magazine, June 11, 2012...
Rumors sound of galleries asking artists for up-sized art and more of it... Everything winds up set to maximum in order to feed the beast. Bigness is not all bad. There's something pleasing about large, well-lit spaces. But the bigness has also led to a narrowing of sensibilities, by making it very hard for any but the glitziest works to get traction. (Jerry Saltz)

-New York Magazine, June 11, 2012...
While the space for artists and curators has increased enormously, maybe, just maybe, that's left room for too many people calling themselves artists and curators who are simply not up to the term. (Jerry Saltz)

Painting is an art, selling is a business. Therefore, it makes economic sense that artists and galleries need each other. (Jo Scott-B)

No man will work for your interests unless they are his. (David Seabury)

Galleries are no longer the gatekeepers. While they minded their little gates a super highway called the Internet soared above them. (Tom Shropshire)

When the gallery sells, I pay them a commission for the sale. They get money when they do their job. It's human nature to want to hang onto money that you have in your hand. Artists are in the weaker position. (Lori Woodward Simons)

Having a gallery lets you hone your skills and become the artist you think you are. If you are spending half of your time marketing, you are half the artist because you should be painting or sculpting 100% of the time. (Stewart Turcotte)

A good artist/gallery relationship will ensure that the buyer is kept abreast of the artist's development in an effort to maintain an interest in the artist. (Chris Tyrell)

-museum director...
If you understand something, you won't be able to help but like it. That doesn't mean you want to live with it though. (Author unknown)

Dealer to artist: 'I've got some good news and some bad news. A guy came in here and bought ten of your paintings.' Artist: 'What's the bad news?' Dealer: 'He's your doctor.' (Author unknown)

Art is a product that has no apparent need. The salesperson builds the need in the mind of the buyer. (Jack White)

Art is one of the few products that is almost a totally emotional buy. It is a mystery what contributes to a person's personal taste. However, being educated about the artist and his/her career may influence your decision regarding a purchase. (Sylvia White)

Never trust an art dealer who'll sit in a room for more than ten minutes with a crooked picture. (Brett Whiteley)

It is only an auctioneer who can equally and impartially admire all schools of art. (Oscar Wilde)

Certainly, a gallery has to sell your work, so they'll be very frightened of you doing anything too different, and that can be difficult, but they can also recognize the need to change. Usually, if you just go and do it, and other people like it, it will still get recognized. (Catherine Yass)

Galleries come and go for many reasons so you must assume that you will have to replace one of ten galleries every year or two. (Dan Young)