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Gil Edelson Quotes

Quotes by Gil Edelson - (5 quotes)

Gil Edelson - From the Collectors category:

Some collectors do not want the world to know that they have millions of dollars worth of art on their walls. Many collectors also seek anonymity when they sell a work of art. (Gil Edelson)

Gil Edelson - From the Dealers category:

No great collection was ever formed without a dealer. (Gil Edelson)

Gil Edelson - From the Dealers category:

Dealers should not import, export, or transfer the ownership of a work of art where they have reasonable cause to believe that it has been stolen. (Gil Edelson)

Gil Edelson - From the Dealers category:

However innocent or careful the dealer may have been, no dealer would welcome the inevitable conflict with a good client turned irate on discovering that he or she had been sold a stolen work. (Gil Edelson)

Gil Edelson - From the Possessions category:

The original owner of a stolen work may sue the present possessor for the recovery of the work. (Gil Edelson)