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Sylvia White Quotes

Quotes by Sylvia White - (4 quotes)

Sylvia White - From the Art category:

Art is a Verb, not a Noun. (Sylvia White)

Sylvia White - From the Collectors category:

As a collector, you will discover that surrounding yourself with art can enrich not only your visual experiences, but instill a sense of vitality to your life and uplift your soul. (Sylvia White)

Sylvia White - From the Collectors category:

Meeting and talking to the artist adds a special element to collecting contemporary art that makes the work an irreplaceable treasure rather than just another possession. (Sylvia White)

Sylvia White - From the Dealers category:

Art is one of the few products that is almost a totally emotional buy. It is a mystery what contributes to a person's personal taste. However, being educated about the artist and his/her career may influence your decision regarding a purchase. (Sylvia White)