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Nick Farbacher Quotes

Quotes by Nick Farbacher - (4 quotes)

Nick Farbacher - From the Artists category:

The wonder is that artists can stimulate other artists. (Nick Farbacher)

Nick Farbacher - From the Commerce category:

America has become the land of 'flogging.' The cheap, the no-brainer - people love to buy. (Nick Farbacher)

Nick Farbacher - From the Dealers category:

The business of 'offering a work' or 'placing' a series of works in the correct gallery is the 'white stone.' Get your name in the right spot and your life changes. The person who reps you is golden. (Nick Farbacher)

Nick Farbacher - From the Ego category:

I'm an artist, I'm different, I'm making something I think is beautiful and that's a gift. I give it away, I sell it sometimes but most of all it's the heart and soul of me. (Nick Farbacher)