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Catherine Yass Quotes

Quotes by Catherine Yass - (5 quotes)

Catherine Yass - From the Dealers category:

Certainly, a gallery has to sell your work, so they'll be very frightened of you doing anything too different, and that can be difficult, but they can also recognize the need to change. Usually, if you just go and do it, and other people like it, it will still get recognized. (Catherine Yass)

Catherine Yass - From the Photography category:

For each final photograph, I'll have shot loads of film. I suppose people don't see all that. But when someone looks at a piece of work, they know something has gone into it, even if they can't lay their finger on what it is. (Catherine Yass)

Catherine Yass - From the Priorities category:

If you've got a deadline and you're an artist, you've just got to be on the case – nothing else can come in the way, or you won't make good work... the people around you just have to understand. (Catherine Yass)

Catherine Yass - From the Profession category:

If an artist and a scientist have a common point, it is probably in the need for some kind of imaginative thinking to interpret the material they have. (Catherine Yass)

Catherine Yass - From the Space category:

The hardest thing is to make this little space for yourself where you can think and not get inundated with other stuff coming in. (Catherine Yass)