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James M. MacCallum Quotes

Quotes by James M. MacCallum - (5 quotes)

James M. MacCallum - From the Commerce category:

-on Tom Thomson...
Yet to him, his most beautiful sketches were only paint. He placed no value on them. All he wanted was more paint, so that he could paint others. (James M. MacCallum)

James M. MacCallum - From the Communication category:

-on Tom Thomson...
Thomson painted not merely to paint, but because his nature compelled him to paint - because he had a message. (James M. MacCallum)

James M. MacCallum - From the Dealers category:

- in a letter to Tom Thomson, May 28, 1917...
You had better send down a lot of those sketches of yours as soon as you start in guiding and see if I cannot sell some of them and increase your bank account. (James M. MacCallum)

James M. MacCallum - From the Truth category:

-on Tom Thomson...
His aims were truthfulness and beauty - beauty of colour, of feeling, and of emotion. He never painted anything that he had not seen. (James M. MacCallum)

James M. MacCallum - From the Words category:

-on Tom Thomson...
He never gave utterance in words to his feelings of the glories of nature. Words were not his instruments of expression - colour was the only medium open to him. (James M. MacCallum)