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Jo Scott-B Quotes

Quotes by Jo Scott-B - (10 quotes)

Jo Scott-B - From the Adventure category:

A para-glider, jumping off a mountain, seeking out the thermal currents and not knowing where he's going to land, reminds me of the creative rush I get when the painting takes on a life of its own. (Jo Scott-B)

Jo Scott-B - From the Dealers category:

Painting is an art, selling is a business. Therefore, it makes economic sense that artists and galleries need each other. (Jo Scott-B)

Jo Scott-B - From the Drawing category:

I can grow to hate a camera: its quick snap sight-bites cannot compare with two or three drawings which can take from ten seconds to several minutes to produce, but then are indelibly recorded in memory. (Jo Scott-B)

Jo Scott-B - From the Flow category:

To somehow let loose the bonds of everyday life, to close off the voices and let the creative spirit flow is the most rewarding side of creativity in any form. (Jo Scott-B)

Jo Scott-B - From the Joy category:

It is a visual joy to watch the grays in the morning light turn to color by the sun, watch evenings with color-saturated shadows; see how the noonday sun flattens, how colors sing on a rainy day. (Jo Scott-B)

Jo Scott-B - From the Nature category:

It is amazing how nature provides the answers to painting problems. How colours react to each other, shadows, filtered light etc. It's akin to a philosophical dialogue. (Jo Scott-B)

Jo Scott-B - From the Questions category:

Is it weather, music or events that ruffle one's inner space? (Jo Scott-B)

Jo Scott-B - From the Rhythm category:

The rhythm of creative stimulus drives us all. (Jo Scott-B)

Jo Scott-B - From the Seeing category:

In the same way that visually impaired people fill in the missing sections of unperceived lines, so many painters need to disassociate from their work to 'see' it with a fresh eye. (Jo Scott-B)

Jo Scott-B - From the Technology category:

In our age of instant communication and media bombardment, we suffer from 'blurt.' Care and thought in art and writing are swamped by the instant. The leisurely pleasure of the journey is thereby lost; the end results reflect haste and glaring mistakes. (Jo Scott-B)