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Brad Greek Quotes

Quotes by Brad Greek - (14 quotes)

Brad Greek - From the Art category:

Art isn't about good artwork but about being artistic. It's not about pretty pictures alone. It's about the attitude and sensitivities that a work of art may evoke. It's about giving the viewer something that they never could imagine. (Brad Greek)

Brad Greek - From the Artists category:

We artists need to be eagles and not sparrows. It is the eagle that soars high above and alone... (Brad Greek)

Brad Greek - From the Commerce category:

The downside to the Internet is that it has made every artist in the world world-class - flooding the market with art and artists alike. (Brad Greek)

Brad Greek - From the Dealers category:

My job is to get the dealers excited, the dealers' job is to get their customers excited. The customer's job is to tell their friends and get them excited. (Brad Greek)

Brad Greek - From the Finishing category:

Each piece was started for a reason, hence deserves a finish. (Brad Greek)

Brad Greek - From the Flow category:

If I complete my last painting without starting another one first, the flow stops. (Brad Greek)

Brad Greek - From the Habit category:

Without habits, life is just chaos. (Brad Greek)

Brad Greek - From the Immortality category:

Each of us is a library uniquely structured, no two alike. We artists have been blessed with a gift to express our experiences for generations to come. Our art tells our story, our growth and of our trying times. (Brad Greek)

Brad Greek - From the Loneliness category:

I create better when I'm alone. Not just alone – as no one around – but lonely... My soul is in my art and only there will you see it. (Brad Greek)

Brad Greek - From the Masters category:

A 'Master' may not realize when the time has come. It creeps up on an artist that is simply doing what he feels needs to be done. (Brad Greek)

Brad Greek - From the Procrastination category:

I always wanted to procrastinate, but I never got around to it. (Brad Greek)

Brad Greek - From the Stress category:

My thoughts are clearer when I get stressed. Disaster seems to inspire me more than when times are good. So I don't worry about stress, I use it. (Brad Greek)

Brad Greek - From the Studio category:

My main studio is the kitchen table. I lay the canvas flat and stand over it... It limits the size of canvas to the size of table and arm's length – you can rotate the work and come in from all directions. (Brad Greek)

Brad Greek - From the Time category:

The problem with managing time is you are working against the clock, causing your time to fly by. Sure you get a lot done, but at the end of the day you wonder where the day went. Every moment should be spent enjoying the journey. (Brad Greek)