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Alfred Muma Quotes

Quotes by Alfred Muma - (17 quotes)

Alfred Muma - From the Artists category:

Being an artist involves constantly exploring how to be creative. (Alfred Muma)

Alfred Muma - From the Attitude category:

Our attitude or mindset is what makes us who we are. Our outer lives are a reflection of our inner lives, our thoughts and prayers. (Alfred Muma)

Alfred Muma - From the Beginning category:

I take the first colour that feels right to start a painting with no thought of where it's being applied. That first colour sets the mood for the rest of the painting. (Alfred Muma)

Alfred Muma - From the Collaboration category:

Collaborating with a music composer forces one to think of painting as interpreting sound through colour and line - quite a challenge and different from looking at a subject and drawing and painting what one sees. (Alfred Muma)

Alfred Muma - From the Composition category:

The larger the area to be painted, the harder it is to have a good composition. Conversely, small works are not easy as, the space being so limited, detail becomes important. (Alfred Muma)

Alfred Muma - From the Dealers category:

Commercial galleries are there to make a profit and they only want a recognizable product. (Alfred Muma)

Alfred Muma - From the Desire category:

Visualize something really good that you desire... Hold the picture of your need for as long as you can. A few minutes every day will make your life much different. (Alfred Muma)

Alfred Muma - From the Discovery category:

The creation of art is a continuous journey of self-discovery and learning the craft of illusion. Perfecting it, we only discover there's more to it than meets the eye. (Alfred Muma)

Alfred Muma - From the Doubt category:

Visual artists work alone in their studios or on location and have to be self-sufficient for inspiration and energy sources. It is easy to fall into doubting the validity of one's work under these conditions. (Alfred Muma)

Alfred Muma - From the Money category:

Creativity is not a concern of the business world. Profits rule the day. (Alfred Muma)

Alfred Muma - From the Music category:

If one listens to music deeply and long enough, one can hear and see and feel the music interpretations of colours created by the vibrations of the individual and groupings of sounds. One can see the colour of the instruments. (Alfred Muma)

Alfred Muma - From the Optimism category:

One way to keep positive is to get involved on some level with other visual artists. (Alfred Muma)

Alfred Muma - From the Prayer category:

Prayer is just a concentrated way of thinking. Artists do a lot of prayer as they work. (Alfred Muma)

Alfred Muma - From the Realism category:

I can but don't want to paint realistically because exploring and constantly finding new truths, looking with 'artists' eyes on the world, seeing different realms of reality, is the exciting part of being creative. (Alfred Muma)

Alfred Muma - From the Studio category:

I don't have chairs or stools in my studio except in the office at the computer. My children often complain that there is nothing to sit on. (Alfred Muma)

Alfred Muma - From the Thought category:

We think and live in our thoughts. That is what and where creating springs from. (Alfred Muma)

Alfred Muma - From the Watercolours category:

The effects of watercolour pigment freezing in layers on top of each other, the pooling of pigment at the edges of brush strokes and frost patterns all remain in the painting if sublimation can take place. Two factors required: freezing temperature and low humidity. (Alfred Muma)