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Peter Prest Quotes

Quotes by Peter Prest - (14 quotes)

Peter Prest - From the Dealers category:

The true market for e-galleries is prints, not original art... There needs to be a public setting for art, even if it's only for the brief period of initial exhibition. (Peter Prest)

Peter Prest - From the Design category:

The artistic process... is a recursive one... not linear, but spiral. Design is the element which elevates our work and makes it memorable. (Peter Prest)

Peter Prest - From the Dissatisfaction category:

We are pleased to be dissatisfied, blessed to be restless. Those of us who are satisfied and at peace with our art are done, finished. We are only creative if we know there's more to get at, to improve on, to get right. (Peter Prest)

Peter Prest - From the Form category:

We see the form through a myriad of variations, but the strength of our variation lies in its ability to awaken the form in our minds. The energy of art comes from our recognition of the Truth through our endless variety. (Peter Prest)

Peter Prest - From the Generosity category:

'What can I give?' is the best possible question to ask, no matter your age or position. (Peter Prest)

Peter Prest - From the Importance category:

It's not the 'what' but the 'how' of art that is important. (Peter Prest)

Peter Prest - From the Intuition category:

The intuitive ideas are not always the right ones... But at the crossroads of intuition and planning, I'm likely to follow intuition. (Peter Prest)

Peter Prest - From the Painting category:

Since at best we are alchemists, turning lead into gold, the actual process needs to change continually, because it rarely works the same way twice. (Peter Prest)

Peter Prest - From the Questions category:

What triggers artistic moments? When we know that we need to paint or sculpt or write to capture a moment, what charged that moment with such power? (Peter Prest)

Peter Prest - From the Subject category:

I am rarely satisfied with empty street scenes, or landscapes. There needs to be some indication man has been there - a path, a fence post, a figure - something to say we've been here. (Peter Prest)

Peter Prest - From the Success category:

Success is having other people get excited about a piece I've just done that is moving in a new direction. (Peter Prest)

Peter Prest - From the Teaching category:

You can show them how it's done, what skills are required, but you can't teach creativity itself. That comes from deep within. (Peter Prest)

Peter Prest - From the Time category:

If I know there's a limited time to paint, i.e. an hour or less, the knowledge of that limit really messes me up; I make mistakes, try to rush key decisions etc... so I don't do it. (Peter Prest)

Peter Prest - From the Understanding category:

'Live in the question' is what allows us to stay open to understandings which only become apparent with the passing of time. (Peter Prest)