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Quotes about Theory

Quotes about Thinking

Quotes about Theory

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What you think means more than anything else in your life - more than what you earn, more than where you live, more than your social position, and more than what anyone else may think about you. (George Matthew Adams)

Thinking no longer means any more than checking at each moment whether one can indeed think. (Theodor W. Adorno)

The mind is the master weaver, both of the inner garment of character and the outer garment of circumstance, and where they have hitherto woven ignorance and pain they may now weave enlightenment and happiness. (James Allen)

There is an inverse proportion between how much something is on your mind and how much it's getting done. (David Allen, author)

There is within every human being a deep well of thinking over which a heavy iron lid is kept clamped. (Sherwood Anderson)

When you look and see, you don't think. (Aristotle)

The soul never thinks without a picture. (Aristotle)

It is a very great thing to be able to think as you like; but, after all, an important question remains: what you think. (Matthew Arnold)

The freethinking of one age is the common sense of the next. (Matthew Arnold)

I allow myself to be guided by the work which is in the process of being born. I have confidence in it. I do not think about it. (Hans Jean Arp)

Just think you are the greatest. Where's the harm in thinking like that? It is not for pride you do it, but for bringing the best out of you. There is nothing wrong. (Meher Baba)

Extroverts tend to think as they speak, unlike introverts who are far more likely to think before they speak. Extroverts often think best when they are talking. Concepts just don't seem real to them unless they can talk about them; reflecting on them isn't enough. (Carol Bainbridge)

- attributed...
How do I know what I think until I hear what I say? (Tallulah Bankhead)

Art flows more easily when you are not thinking about what 'should' be in it or how it 'should' be done. The Impressionists taught us to look and see, not assume. (Darby Bannard)

Too much thinking can tire the mind. The trick is to learn when to stop thinking and to begin work. (Moncy Barbour)

I start a picture and I finish it. I don't think about art when I'm working. I try to think about life. (Jean-Michel Basquiat)

Our species thinks in metaphors and learns through stories. (Mary Catherine Bateson)

There is simply too much to think about. (Saul Bellow)

Think like a man of action, and act like a man of thought. (Henri Bergson)

How can you think and hit at the same time? (Yogi Berra)

Not out of right practice comes right thinking, but out of right thinking comes right practice. It matters enormously what you think. If you think falsely, you will act mistakenly; if you think basely, your conduct will suit your thinking. (Annie Besant)

-The Devil's Dictionary, 1911
brain, n. An apparatus with which we think we think. (Ambrose Bierce)

Painting is a lot about thinking. (Linda Blondheim)

-b.AD 480 d.ca.AD 525...
Nothing is miserable unless you think it is so. (Boethius)

No, no, you're not thinking; you're just being logical. (Niels Bohr)

I have never solved a major mechanical or interpretive problem at the keyboard. I have always solved it in my mind. (Jorge Bolet)

Creative thinking - in terms of idea creativity - is not a mystical talent. It is a skill that can be practised and nurtured. (Edward de Bono)

The mind may be reluctant to think properly when thinking is all it is supposed to do; the task can be as paralysing as having to tell a joke or mimic an accent on demand. (Alain de Botton)

Mind unemployed is mind un-enjoyed. (Christian Nestell Bovee)

Don't think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It's self-conscious and anything self-conscious is lousy. You cannot try to do things. You simply must do things. (Ray Bradbury)

-The Mists of Avalon...
By what men think, we create the world around us, daily new. (Marion Zimmer Bradley)

Every person is a creation of himself, the image of his own thinking and believing. As individuals think and believe, so they are. (Claude M. Bristol)

We must begin thinking like a river if we are to leave a legacy of beauty and life for future generations. (David Brower)

I am mentally bifocal. (Pearl S. Buck)

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we create the world. (Gautama Buddha)

- Ham on Rye...
It seemed better to delay thinking. (Charles Bukowski)

I didn't think; I experimented. (Anthony Burgess)

If you follow reason far enough it always leads to conclusions that are contrary to reason. (Samuel Butler, novelist)

Think off-center. (George Carlin)

Happiness isn't about who you are or what you have, it depends solely on how you think. (Dale Carnegie)

The internal dialogue is what grounds people in the daily world. The world is such and such or so and so, only because we talk to ourselves about its being such and such and so and so. (Carlos Castaneda)

If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing. (Marc Chagall)

The more you reason, the less you create. (Raymond Chandler)

Only he is an emancipated thinker who is not afraid to write foolish things. (Anton Chekhov)

There is one art of which man should be master, the art of reflection. (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

I sometimes think we undo ourselves by thinking we must do better. It seems to invalidate what we have already done. (Anne Copeland)

If you want to paint bigger, think bigger! (Sharon Cory)

-Pinafore Poems in Cassell's Weekly, 1871...
The centipede was happy quite, until a toad in fun / Said, 'Pray, which leg goes after which?' / That worked her mind to such a pitch, / She lay distracted in a ditch, considering how to run. (Mrs. Edward Craster)

Unless a capacity for thinking be accompanied by a capacity for action, a superior mind exists in torture. (Benedetto Croce)

To think is to differ. (Clarence Darrow)

Even when we are quite alone, how often do we think with pleasure or pain of what others think of us – of their imagined approbation or disapprobation. (Charles Darwin)

Contrary to the modernist dogma, painting is a brainy activity. Thinking, in my view, is always welcome at the easel. (Paul deMarrais)

I think therefore I am. (Rene Descartes)

Anyone who has begun to think, places some portion of the world in jeopardy. (John Dewey)

Logic can provide you with various facts and figures but can't comprehend them in their totality. (Avtarjeet Dhanjal)

Education is the methodical creation of the habit of thinking. (Ernest Dimnet)

Of God Himself can no man think. And therefore I would leave all that thing that I can think, and choose to my love that thing that I cannot think. (Dionysius)

Negative thinking shuts us in a prison, but there is a way out... You renew your mind when you change your habit of thinking. (Dr. Jay Dishman)

Do you think we receive what we think about the most? (Lorna Dockstader)

Thinking into results. The power of the human personality. (Gins V.O. Doolittle)

Don't believe everything you Think. (Faith Duck)

The trouble with most people is that they think with their hopes or fears or wishes rather than with their minds. (Will Durant)

Strain your brain more than your eye. (Thomas Eakins)

Five percent of the people think; 10 percent of the people think they think; and the other 85 percent would rather die than think. (Thomas Edison)

The mind paints before the brush. (James Ellis)

It isn't enough to think outside the box. Thinking is passive. Get used to acting outside the box. (Timothy Ferriss)

Creative thinking may mean simply the realization that there's no particular virtue in doing things the way they have always been done. (Rudolf Flesch)

Thinking is drawing in your head. (Alan Fletcher)

Thinking on your feet. It's important that such manageable shoes wrap their comfort in a whole lot of style. (Bridget Foley)

Acting without thinking is like shooting without aiming. (B. C. Forbes)

The more you think, the more time you have. (Henry Ford)

How can I know what I think till I see what I say? (E. M. Forster)

If everyone is thinking alike, then no one is thinking. (Benjamin Franklin)

Thinking is a momentary dismissal of irrelevancies. (Buckminster Fuller)

Those who know how to think need no teachers. (Mahatma Gandhi)

By thinking you are cleverer and more talented than your buddies, many a career has been blotted. (Robert Genn)

-The Mentor Within: Let Your SELF be seen...
Do you ever hear yourself thinking?... I am not who I think I am or who someone else thinks I am or who I am tryng so desperately to become. I am in fact already complete, whole and free. (Mary Gerard)

- Avenue Magazine, re: Equine Tsunami...
I've been thinking about that scene for almost thirteen years. (Paul van Ginkel)

Our unconscious is really good at quick decision-making – it often delivers a better answer than more deliberate and exhaustive ways of thinking. (Malcolm Gladwell)

When people ask me what I do - strangers on a plane, perhaps - I tell them that I think. Thinking is excellent exercise, as much as swimming or jogging. (Tom Glazer)

If I look confused it's because I'm thinking. (Samuel Goldwyn)

Thinking is a very bad thing to do in my studio. Smelling, breathing, giggling, dancing, those are allowed. (Sheila Grabarsky)

Repetitive thinking errors are a major block to learning. When a person's method of assimilating information is faulty, he continues to believe and act on faulty assumptions. We might refer to this as 'selective focus' nowadays - the ability to focus only on the theories and facts that fit one's perspective. (Dr. John Grohol)

Lots of artists who paint have the experience to one degree or another... where their thinking doesn't precede their doing... It's a funny thing, what I really hate yet I have to go through with it, is the preparation. (Philip Guston)

You can analyze a glass of water and you're left with a lot of chemical components, but nothing you can drink. (J. B. S. Haldane)

Paint what you see - not what you think you see! (Andrew Hamilton)

Never be afraid to sit awhile and think. (Lorraine Hansberry)

Do not let it look as if you reasoned too much. Painting must be impulsive to be worth while. (Charles Hawthorne)

If you wish to make a living at your art but spend more time thinking about how it's not happening... this will become your reality. (Sandra Taylor Hedges)

Most people can't think, most of the remainder won't think, the small fraction who do think mostly can't do it very well. (Robert A. Heinlein)

The extremely tiny fraction who think regularly, accurately, creatively, and without self-delusion – in the long run, these are the only people who count. (Robert A. Heinlein)

If you think of a school drawing while you work, your drawing will look like one. (Robert Henri)

There are mighty few people who think what they think they think. (Robert Henri)

Self-discipline begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you don't control what you think, you can't control what you do. Simply, self-discipline enables you to think first and act afterward. (Napoleon Hill)

Art goes on in your head. If you said something interesting, that might be a title for a work of art and I'd write it down. (Damien Hirst)

Sloppy thinking gets worse over time. (Jenny Holzer)

A moment's thinking is an hour in words. (Thomas Hood)

I do not say think as I think, but think in my way. Fear no shadows, least of all in that great spectre of personal unhappiness which binds half the world to orthodoxy. (Thomas H. Huxley)

It is easier to act yourself into a new way of thinking, than it is to think yourself into a new way of acting. (A.J. Jacobs)

A great many people think they are thinking when they are actually rearranging their prejudices. (William James)

Perhaps the most important ingredient in my work... is my brain – particularly the right brain... the free spontaneous side, and the left brain, which is careful and methodical. (Brian Johnson)

I have to think as Bugs Bunny, not of Bugs Bunny. (Chuck Jones)

There is absolutely no inevitability as long as there is the willingness to think. (Chuck Jones)

To understand the magic way of thinking you have to know non-magic thinking. If you see that clearly, you will see how many magic thoughts are necessary elements even of natural science today. (Asger Jorn)

Misery is almost always the result of thinking. (Joseph Joubert)

The mind's job is to validate what it thinks. (Byron Katie)

Paint faster than you can think. (Alex Katz)

But you can go on thinking and imagining forever further and stop at no decisions to pick up a bag for the thinkings. Turn your thinking into your work, your thoughts a book, in sieges. (Jack Kerouac)

In America we can say what we think, and even if we can't think, we can say it anyhow. (Charles F. Kettering)

Thinking is one thing no one has ever been able to tax. (Charles F. Kettering)

The paradox is the source of the thinker's passion, and the thinker without a paradox is like a lover without feeling: a paltry mediocrity. (Soren Kierkegaard)

I've given up thinking - it keeps getting me into trouble. (Stephen King)

Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. (Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Nature gave men two ends – one to sit on and one to think with. Ever since then man's success or failure has been dependent on the one he used most. (George R. Kirkpatrick)

We cannot unthink unless we are insane. (Arthur Koestler)

I think about my work every minute of the day. (Jeff Koons)

A consistent thinker is a thoughtless person, because he conforms to a pattern; he repeats phrases and thinks in a groove. (Jiddu Krishnamurti)

-Generous Wisdom: Commentaries by H.H. the Dalai Lama XIV on the Jatakamala
In our daily life a certain way of thinking makes us happy, and a certain way of thinking makes us unhappy. In other words, there are certain states of mind which bring us problems, and they can be removed... (Dalai Lama)

Think Big! Expand your thinking first and your situation will soon follow. (Loral Langemeier)

Unless you're involved with thinking about what you're doing, you end up doing the same thing over and over, and that becomes tedious and, in the end, defeating. (Sol LeWitt)

When all think alike, no one is thinking very much. (Walter Lippmann)

Under all that we think, lives all we believe, like the ultimate veil of our spirits. (Antonio Machado)

If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you. If you really make them think, they'll hate you. (Don Marquis)

No brain is stronger than its weakest think. (Thomas L. Masson)

The scribble, the sketch, and the study are helpful as preparatory drawing techniques, and for thinking on paper. (Richard McDaniel)

For many, negative thinking is a habit which, over time, becomes an addiction... (Peter McWilliams)

-The Power of Metaphors...
Over-familiarization with something... is a trap. Where creative thinking is concerned... the more adept you are at something, the less likely you are to look at it in a different way; the greater your skill of a particular discipline, the less you will be tempted to experiment with different approaches. (Michael Michalko)

Creative thinking is inclusive thinking. You consider the least obvious as well as the most likely approaches, and you look for different ways to look at the problem. It is the willingness to explore all approaches that is important, even after one has found a promising one. (Michael Michalko)

A man paints with his brains and not with his hands. (Michelangelo)

No one can be a great thinker who does not recognize, that as a thinker it is his first duty to follow his intellect to whatever conclusions it may lead. (John Stuart Mill)

It doesn't take time to think right. It only takes the willingness to do so. (Kenneth G. Mills)

Think before you do, so that what you did is not best undone. (Kenneth Moore)

Thinking of nothing. Trying to think of nothing. Thinking of everything. (Kate Morton)

I know all the theory of everything but when I paint I don't think of anything except the subject and me. (Alice Neel)

The heart must do its work undisturbed by reflective consciousness. (Karl Nierendorf)

Many a man fails to become a thinker for the sole reason that his memory is too good. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Indeed, creative thinking does not have to be new thinking. (Ben Novak)

If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking. (George Smith Patton, Jr.)

To think is to destroy. (Fernando Pessoa)

Our heads are round so that our thinking can change directions. (Francis Picabia)

I paint things as I think of them, not as I see them. (Pablo Picasso)

Thinking: the talking of the soul with itself. (Plato)

Artists must be thinkers. (Todd Plough)

Well, the first thing we do is take our brain out and put it in a drawer. Stick it somewhere and let it tantrum until it wears itself out. You may still hear the brain and all the shitty things it is saying to you, but it will be muffled, and just the fact that it is not in your head anymore will make things seem clearer. And then you just do it. (Amy Poehler)

It is all your desires that you see, when you think. But when your mind is quiet, without desire, you are complete and as wonderful as you have always been. (Poonja)

They never taste who always drink; / They always talk who never think. (Matthew Prior)

If you're thinking of debt, that's what you're going to attract. (Bob Proctor)

We feel in one world, we think and name in another. Between the two we can set up a system of references, but we cannot fill the gap. (Marcel Proust)

Even when you think you're not thinking, you are thinking. (Scott Pynn)

Cerebration is the enemy of originality in art. (Martin Ritt)

I've always believed that you can think positive just as well as you can think negative. (Sugar Ray Robinson)

Conception, my boy, fundamental brain work, is what makes all the difference in art. (Dante Gabriel Rossetti)

There are two ways to slide easily through life: to believe everything or to doubt everything; both ways save us from thinking. (Theodore Rubin)

One of the extraordinary things about human events is that the unthinkable becomes thinkable. (Salman Rushdie)

Most people would sooner die than think; in fact, they do so. (Bertrand Russell)

Art is not what you think, but what you think is art. (Ralph Santullo)

People who are always thinking of the feelings of others can be very destructive because they are hiding so much from themselves. (May Sarton)

Think of something finite molded into the infinite, and you think of man. (Friedrich Von Schlegel)

Reading is merely a surrogate for thinking for yourself; it means letting someone else direct your thoughts. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

This left me alone to solve the coffee problem - a sort of catch-22, as in order to think straight I need caffeine, and in order to make that happen I need to think straight. (David Sedaris)

A man's as miserable as he thinks he is. (Seneca)

Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try. (Dr. Seuss)

Whatever I think of, I dismember. (Jack Shadbolt)

If one has set for himself the position that his painting shall not misconstrue his personal mode of thinking, then he must be rather alert to just what he does think. (Ben Shahn)

Few people think more than two or three times a year. I've made an international reputation for myself by thinking once or twice a week. (George Bernard Shaw)

When you think something, you think in picture. You don't think a thought in words. You think a picture that expresses your thought. Working with this picture will produce it into your experience. (Grace Speare)

Creative thinking should be viewed as an essential supplement to, though not a replacement for, critical thinking. (Lloyd P. Provost & R. M. Sprout)

Goethe's thinking was not rigid with inflexible contours; it was a thinking in which the concepts continually metamorphose. (Rudolf Steiner)

I would think until I found / Something I can never find, / Something lying on the ground, / In the bottom of my mind. (James Stephens, author)

Thinking implies disagreement, and disagreement implies nonconformity, and nonconformity implies heresy, and heresy implies disloyalty – so obviously, thinking must be stopped. (Adlai Stevenson)

A man thinks as well through his legs and arms as his brain. (Henry David Thoreau)

To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives. (Henry David Thoreau)

You've got to think about 'big things' while you're doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction. (Alvin Toffler)

Freethinkers are those who are willing to use their minds without prejudice and without fearing to understand things that clash with their own customs, privileges, or beliefs. This state of mind is not common, but it is essential for right thinking. (Leo Tolstoy)

Think continually about what you want, not about the things you fear. (Brian Tracy)

We cannot really think in one way and act in another... (Thomas Troward)

As long as you're going to be thinking anyway, think big. (Donald Trump)

No one can stop or control your thought process or your thinking. You can think anything you want. But that doesn't seem to be the point. The thinking process has to be directed into a certain approach... not in accord with certain dogma, philosophy, or concepts. Instead, one has to know the thinker itself. (Chogyam Trungpa)

We think too small, like the frog at the bottom of the well. He thinks the sky is only as big as the top of the well. If he surfaced, he would have an entirely different view. (Mao Tse-Tung)

We all do no end of feeling, and we mistake it for thinking. (Mark Twain)

Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. (Lao Tzu)

The tragedy of bold, forthright, industrious people is that they act so continuously without much thinking, that it becomes dry and empty. (Brenda Ueland)

I don't do wristy paintings because I want the brain to intervene between the observation and the mark. (Euan Uglow)

Life's battles don't always go / To the strongest or fastest man; / But sooner or later the man who wins / Is the man who thinks he can! (Author unknown)

At times I think and at times I am. (Paul Valery)

They can because they think they can. (Virgil)

No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking. (Voltaire)

Thinking doesn't seem to help very much. The human brain is too high-powered to have many practical uses in this particular universe. (Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.)

Its not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not. (Denis Waitley)

The little girl had the making of a poet in her who, being told to be sure of her meaning before she spoke said, 'How can I know what I think till I see what I say?' (Graham Wallas)

All the problems of the world could be settled easily if men were only willing to think. The trouble is that men very often resort to all sorts of devices in order not to think, because thinking is such hard work. (Thomas J. Watson, Sr.)

-The Best of Popular Photography by Harvey V. Fondiller...
One does not think during creative work, any more than one thinks when driving a car. But one has a background of years - learning, unlearning, success, failure, dreaming, thinking, experience, all this - then the moment of creation, the focusing of all into the moment. So I can make 'without thought'... But there is all the eyes have seen in this life to influence me. (Edward Weston)

I believe that our very survival depends upon us becoming better systems thinkers. (Margaret J. Wheatley)

Thinking is the place where intelligent actions begin. We pause long enough to look more carefully at a situation, to see more of its character, to think about why it's happening, to notice how it's affecting us and others. (Margaret J. Wheatley)

Familiar things happen, and mankind does not bother about them. It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious. (Alfred North Whitehead)

A man who does not think for himself does not think at all. (Oscar Wilde)

-Return to Love...
You may believe that you are responsible for what you do, but not for what you think. The truth is that you are responsible for what you think, because it is only at this level that you can exercise choice. What you do comes from what you think. (Marianne Williamson)

A man's thinking goes on within his consciousness in a seclusion in comparison with which any physical seclusion is an exhibition to public view. (Ludwig Wittgenstein)

Art is idea. It is not enough to draw, paint, and sculpt. An artist should be able to think. (Gurdon Woods)

We do not think of life - we live it. We do not think of ourselves too much. We do not think of others too much... We just behave in a natural way. (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi)

Don't think. The worst songs I've ever written happen when I think. (Neil Young)

I once tried thinking for an entire day, but I found it less valuable than one moment of study. I once tried standing up on my toes to see far out in the distance, but I found that I could see much farther by climbing to a high place. (Xun Zi)

Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will. (Zig Ziglar)

Clear thinking becomes clear writing. One can't exist without the other. (William K. Zinsser)

For years, I went around the world looking and then painting, but now I have to think first and then paint. It's driven me to find the design concept first, and to rely on my memory and technical skills to supply only those details that are needed. (Milford Zornes)