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Euan Uglow Quotes

Quotes by Euan Uglow - (4 quotes)

Euan Uglow - From the Colour category:

I'm interested in color belonging to something, where it takes on a completely new kind of vibrancy, rather than being what you would call straight abstract paintings. And anyway it is so much more exciting trying to find out about the three dimensions of color and sticking it down on a two dimensional surface. (Euan Uglow)

Euan Uglow - From the Emotion category:

I'm painting an idea not an ideal. Basically I'm trying to paint a structured painting full of controlled, and therefore potent, emotion. (Euan Uglow)

Euan Uglow - From the Models category:

Giacometti always wanted to look into the eyes of the models, but I don't want the scrutiny of the model on me whilst I'm working, so you will very rarely find the eyes are looking at me. (Euan Uglow)

Euan Uglow - From the Thinking category:

I don't do wristy paintings because I want the brain to intervene between the observation and the mark. (Euan Uglow)