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Sharon Cory Quotes

Quotes by Sharon Cory - (5 quotes)

Sharon Cory - From the Artists category:

When I look at Art, I see a life. (Sharon Cory)

Sharon Cory - From the Eccentricity category:

I tried fitting in, but I came to realize that I was truly different. My isolation has helped to foster my creativity. Generally, I enjoy being outside the loop. I get a bird's eye view of what's happening, and when I do choose to opt back in, it's on my terms. (Sharon Cory)

Sharon Cory - From the Fear category:

Stop being afraid of the fear and, instead, use it as a motivator, the same way you use joy. Grab hold of it, look it in the face and conquer it. Put it on canvas. (Sharon Cory)

Sharon Cory - From the Success category:

-reference to 'What sucess?' by Robert Genn...
In almost every way you epitomize the 'successful' artist of this generation, and yet you are still humble enough to poke holes in the balloon. You reminded me that I'm in it for the 'process' and success lies in the next finished painting, no matter where it ends up. (Sharon Cory)

Sharon Cory - From the Thinking category:

If you want to paint bigger, think bigger! (Sharon Cory)