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Paul deMarrais Quotes

Quotes by Paul deMarrais - (15 quotes)

Paul deMarrais - From the Beginning category:

It takes a lot more energy to start a painting than it takes to finish up... Pastel is a fast medium and I take advantage of the energy and intuition to get out of the gate fast. (Paul deMarrais)

Paul deMarrais - From the Energy category:

Artists need to learn to manage their energy level. We are not machines. (Paul deMarrais)

Paul deMarrais - From the Finishing category:

- after a plein air session...
It is as if I am awakened from an intense daydream. Where did the time go? The effort is very tiring but not unpleasantly so. If I can get away with it, a nice nap tops off the experience. (Paul deMarrais)

Paul deMarrais - From the Focus category:

Hard edges attract our eye, while soft edges allow our eyes to easily move through them. A skilled painter can make great use of selective focus. (Paul deMarrais)

Paul deMarrais - From the Greatness category:

One must be able to strike a balance between the opposing forces of self-esteem and self-doubt. Great artists have both in generous quantities. (Paul deMarrais)

Paul deMarrais - From the Optimism category:

We have to dig deep and plumb our inner resources to keep positive and productive. This may mean finding new friends who aren't depressed, anxious artists. (Paul deMarrais)

Paul deMarrais - From the Originality category:

All art is derivative. There is no form of art that is totally original... 'originality' is a modern art construct... a silly concession to marketing concerns. (Paul deMarrais)

Paul deMarrais - From the Painting category:

You need both a bit of mind and a bit of mindlessness to make a painting. It's a play between control and surrender. (Paul deMarrais)

Paul deMarrais - From the Plein-Air category:

Plein-air paintings are a bit like short poems. These poems are not deep and heavy but more light and breezy. A good poet might write a bunch of them and throw away more than a few. A plein-air painting is rough and reveals a good deal more about the artist than a studio job. (Paul deMarrais)

Paul deMarrais - From the Pricing category:

Much of the art pricing has a lot in common with the pile of manure behind my neighbor's horse barn. I am a flower gardener so the stuff has value to me. If it's refined and packaged well it might bring $5 a bag. Someone might claim it had mystical powers and sell it for a hundred bucks a scoop and someone might pay it. I'm not fooled. That's about the level of science I see in art pricing. (Paul deMarrais)

Paul deMarrais - From the Survival category:

I hope to be one of the survivors but, as in painting, there are no guarantees. (Paul deMarrais)

Paul deMarrais - From the Technology category:

There are no cops on the Internet. Dishonesty, deceit, manipulation are the norm and not the exception. It is a depressing example of unrestrained human nature in action. (Paul deMarrais)

Paul deMarrais - From the Theory category:

Theorists seem to quiver over Cezanne's paintings and puff them up to mythological proportions... We ought to look at them without this theoretical baggage and appreciate them for their actual qualities. (Paul deMarrais)

Paul deMarrais - From the Thinking category:

Contrary to the modernist dogma, painting is a brainy activity. Thinking, in my view, is always welcome at the easel. (Paul deMarrais)

Paul deMarrais - From the Values category:

When beginning artists understand and use values for the first time, there is usually a quantum leap in the quality of their painting. (Paul deMarrais)