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Quotes about Rewards

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Quotes about Rewards

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Everything... has to be resolved through rhythms. You're constantly massaging each form, trying to get it home, pushing further and further until these all coalesce into a marvellous kind of rhythm that reveals the life of the painting. (Leland Bell)

There are those who dance to the rhythm that is played to them, those who only dance to their own rhythm, and those who don't dance at all. (Jose Bergamin)

'Organic'... means that the work is an extension of your blood and body: it has the rhythm of nature. There exists a state of feeling that when you reach it, when you hit it, you can't go wrong. The work carries a body rhythm. You can't do the slick... the gimmicky or dishonest. (Nell Blaine)

In my use of color I aim to reinforce the sensation of light and dark, to develop the rhythm to and from the eye by placing on the canvas the colors which, by their depressive or stimulating qualities, approach or recede in the rhythmic scheme of the picture. (Andrew Dasburg)

Rhythm is a design element that isn't used frequently as more people are impressed by colours, value contrasts, lost and found edges, etc. Harris's abstracts still retain the rhythm of his landscapes even though the subject has been removed... (Lorna Dockstader)

I pay close attention to the variety of shapes and sizes, and place the objects so that the lines and edges create a rhythm that guides the viewer's eye around the image and into the focal point. (Sergei Forostovskii)

That's what I mean by something grips in a canvas. The moment that happens you are then sucked into the whole thing. Like some kind of rhythm. (Philip Guston)

One clear explanation for the powers of rhythmic sounds is that they dramatically alter brain-wave activity. (Michael Hutchison)

I like to first create an underpainting to set up the rhythm of lights and darks. (Amanda Jones)

Ambivalence is a wonderful tune to dance to. It has a rhythm all its own. (Erica Jong)

I guess I like to find the rhythm in things. (Tiko Kerr)

Filming is so much to do with rhythm, as is music, and if it isn't there then you know in the end nobody can save it really, they can't. (Ben Kingsley)

I never violate an inner rhythm. I loathe to force anything... I don't know if the inner rhythm is Eastern or Western. I know it is essential for me. I listen to it and I stay with it. I have always been this way. I have regards for the inner voice. (Lee Krasner)

There are biological dips in our rhythm and in our alertness that seem to go along with the natural state from way back when. (Sara C. Mednick)

Rhythm imposes unanimity upon the divergent, melody imposes continuity upon the disjointed, and harmony imposes compatibility upon the incongruous. (Yehudi Menuhin)

Music has always been important to me. Rhythm, in particular, features in most of the things I do. I stumbled recently upon an old notebook in which I'd written, 'Touch, timing and timbre... keys to the heart.' That just about says it all. (James Nares)

of rhythm is image / of image is knowing / of knowing there is / a construct (Charles Olson)

Rhythm is as necessary in a picture as pigment; it is as much a part of painting as of music. (Walter J. Phillips)

I love form, but I'm not interested in forms. I've never written a sonnet or villanelle or sestina or any of that. For me, it's a kind of line. It's a rhythm. It's something musical. (Robert Pinsky)

- Brooklyn Rail, 2017...
A rhythm is simply the distance between here and here. A dancer moves a finger from one place to another; that's rhythm. Whether you notice it or not, to move intrinsically - it's rhythm to be alive. Or not. Even a piece of chemistry moves, responds to conditions. You don't need to say rhythm needs to be conscious; it's just a word for everything. You can think of it that way. (Larry Poons)

Rhythm must have meaning. (Ezra Pound)

Rhythm is something you either have or don't have, but when you have it, you have it all over. (Elvis Presley)

There is always a flowing rhythm of shape that links the head and shoulders together. (Sally Pullen)

I see and feel rhythmic patterns in rock surfaces. I am drawn to the contrast of vertical fissures and cracks that cut through the horizontal layers of rock strata. To me these counter thrusts are like the unplanned events that cut through the well-laid plans of our lives. I see these rocks as living forms, moving and dancing to the rhythm of life. (Carl Purcell)

It is in rhythm that design and life meet. (Philip Rawson)

The rhythm of creative stimulus drives us all. (Jo Scott-B)

Is it not instructive that music can have colour and art have rhythm? (Ian Semple)

I see something – some conjunction of forms – which dominates all others. There is a sudden recognition that in what I have been looking at there is contained a unique series of rhythms... A shiver down the spine arrives to prove the validity of such an encounter. (Graham Sutherland)

A spiritual poker of a lyrist had shaped a poetic ardor emerging hereby in a rhythmic beating... (Milos Vujasinovic)

The domain of rhythm extends from the spiritual to the carnal. (Bruno Walter)