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Sally Pullen Quotes

Quotes by Sally Pullen - (5 quotes)

Sally Pullen - From the Colour category:

It can take an enormous amount of time to come to terms with the idea of using a diversified range of different colours and use them to simply describe what appears to be a flesh pink. (Sally Pullen)

Sally Pullen - From the Models category:

No matter what pose the model takes, I look for a 'rhythm' to put in my drawing. (Sally Pullen)

Sally Pullen - From the Photography category:

Working from photographic references supplied by the commissioner of the portrait severely limits the kind of first hand knowledge gained by painting from life. (Sally Pullen)

Sally Pullen - From the Portraiture category:

The eyes are the most important feature as they convey a person's mood, character and temperament. It's easy to create what I have termed the 'manic stare,' where the poor sitter has eyes protruding out of their sockets. (Sally Pullen)

Sally Pullen - From the Rhythm category:

There is always a flowing rhythm of shape that links the head and shoulders together. (Sally Pullen)