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Ben Kingsley Quotes

Quotes by Ben Kingsley - (10 quotes)

Ben Kingsley - From the Change category:

Somewhere in your career, your work changes. It becomes less anal, less careful and more spontaneous, more to do with the information that your soul carries. (Ben Kingsley)

Ben Kingsley - From the Creativity category:

I try and reduce myself to an almost blank slate and hope to God that I am creative. (Ben Kingsley)

Ben Kingsley - From the Innocence category:

I think that all of us either lose touch with the child inside us or try and hold onto it because it so precious to us and it's such an extraordinary part of our lives. (Ben Kingsley)

Ben Kingsley - From the Life category:

That hunger of the flesh, that longing for ease, that terror of incarceration, that insistence on tribal honour being obeyed: all of that exists, and it exists everywhere. (Ben Kingsley)

Ben Kingsley - From the Magic category:

Movie magic is movie magic and acting magic is acting magic. (Ben Kingsley)

Ben Kingsley - From the Money category:

I've never had to turn my hand to anything for monetary gain, other than pretending to be somebody else. I'm deeply fortunate. (Ben Kingsley)

Ben Kingsley - From the Profession category:

I'm convinced that had I not changed my name, I don't think I would have had quite the same career curve that I eventually had. (Ben Kingsley)

Ben Kingsley - From the Rhythm category:

Filming is so much to do with rhythm, as is music, and if it isn't there then you know in the end nobody can save it really, they can't. (Ben Kingsley)

Ben Kingsley - From the Strategy category:

I honestly have no strategy whatsoever. I'm waiting for that script to pop through the letterbox and completely surprise me. (Ben Kingsley)

Ben Kingsley - From the Words category:

In England, it's now Sir Ben. Mister has just disappeared. It's not even on my passport anymore. They've taken Mister away from me. (Ben Kingsley)