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Sergei Forostovskii Quotes

Quotes by Sergei Forostovskii - (3 quotes)

Sergei Forostovskii - From the Inspiration category:

The endless variations of light on dark, dark on light, light against illumination, white on white, black on black, blue on cold, blue on warm and so on, are eternally inspiring. (Sergei Forostovskii)

Sergei Forostovskii - From the Rhythm category:

I pay close attention to the variety of shapes and sizes, and place the objects so that the lines and edges create a rhythm that guides the viewer's eye around the image and into the focal point. (Sergei Forostovskii)

Sergei Forostovskii - From the Values category:

I prefer to limit the number of colours on my palette and focus instead on value and temperature contrasts to enhance the rhythm and drama of my paintings. (Sergei Forostovskii)