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Nell Blaine Quotes

Quotes by Nell Blaine - (3 quotes)

Nell Blaine - From the Change category:

Even to think about changing something that seems so basic gives you a pain in the stomach! (Nell Blaine)

Nell Blaine - From the Methodology category:

I try to work all over the canvas at once, because I feel that the forces of nature are unpredictable. (Nell Blaine)

Nell Blaine - From the Rhythm category:

'Organic'... means that the work is an extension of your blood and body: it has the rhythm of nature. There exists a state of feeling that when you reach it, when you hit it, you can't go wrong. The work carries a body rhythm. You can't do the slick... the gimmicky or dishonest. (Nell Blaine)