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Carl Purcell Quotes

Quotes by Carl Purcell - (7 quotes)

Carl Purcell - From the Aging category:

We are all artists and we are all aging, but what a way to go! (Carl Purcell)

Carl Purcell - From the Greatness category:

Art makes life great. (Carl Purcell)

Carl Purcell - From the Interpretation category:

Our interpretations of subjects are clouded by our intellects. (Carl Purcell)

Carl Purcell - From the Photography category:

The functions that the camera... cannot perform are the things that make us human: the ability to feel something from the things we see, the ability to link what we see to our past experiences and to forge pictures from the visual, mental and emotional stuff in our heads. (Carl Purcell)

Carl Purcell - From the Practice category:

The older I get, the better my art is getting. It must be the practice. (Carl Purcell)

Carl Purcell - From the Rhythm category:

I see and feel rhythmic patterns in rock surfaces. I am drawn to the contrast of vertical fissures and cracks that cut through the horizontal layers of rock strata. To me these counter thrusts are like the unplanned events that cut through the well-laid plans of our lives. I see these rocks as living forms, moving and dancing to the rhythm of life. (Carl Purcell)

Carl Purcell - From the Technology category:

Traditional painting as we know it is a part of who we are; it will not be replaced by the computer any more than it will be replaced by the vacuum. (Carl Purcell)