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Leland Bell Quotes

Quotes by Leland Bell - (4 quotes)

Leland Bell - From the Artists category:

The artist's role is to invent rhythms and forms to reveal a deeper apprehension of reality for the viewer. (Leland Bell)

Leland Bell - From the Difficulty category:

I want the shuffles and echoes, and a certain mysteriousness... It's so bloody hard to paint. (Leland Bell)

Leland Bell - From the Mistakes category:

-on Pierre-Auguste Renoir...
He is a hit-and-miss painter, nine times out of ten he misses. Oh! But when he hits them! (Leland Bell)

Leland Bell - From the Rhythm category:

Everything... has to be resolved through rhythms. You're constantly massaging each form, trying to get it home, pushing further and further until these all coalesce into a marvellous kind of rhythm that reveals the life of the painting. (Leland Bell)