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Graham Sutherland Quotes

Quotes by Graham Sutherland - (6 quotes)

Graham Sutherland - From the Character category:

It is not a question so much of a 'tree like a figure' or a 'root like a figure' – it is a question of bringing out the anonymous personality of these things. (Graham Sutherland)

Graham Sutherland - From the Models category:

They must bear the mould of their ancestry. There is a duality: they can be themselves and something else at the same time. They are formal metaphors. (Graham Sutherland)

Graham Sutherland - From the Rhythm category:

I see something – some conjunction of forms – which dominates all others. There is a sudden recognition that in what I have been looking at there is contained a unique series of rhythms... A shiver down the spine arrives to prove the validity of such an encounter. (Graham Sutherland)

Graham Sutherland - From the Risk category:

In painting, you have to destroy in order to gain... you have got to sacrifice something you are quite pleased with in order to get something better. Of course, it's a risk... (Graham Sutherland)

Graham Sutherland - From the Subject category:

Almost everything, if one keeps one's eyes open, is potential material for painting. (Graham Sutherland)

Graham Sutherland - From the Unknowns category:

The unknown is just as real as the known and must be made to look so. (Graham Sutherland)