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Quotes about Watercolours

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Quotes about Watercolours

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What is it he there beholds that so freezes and abashes his ambitious heart? What is it, profound behind the outward windows of each one of you, beneath touch even of your own suspecting, drawn tightly back at bay against the backward wall and blackness of its prison cave... (James Agee)

Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in. (Alan Alda)

- Outside 1955...
The house was a rambling affair. It had few windows, and such as there were did not open, were unbreakable and admitted no light. (Brian Aldiss)

So I sit there kicked my heels, thinking about New Orleans, and watching a morbid blue-bottle fly attempt to commit suicide by butting his head against the windowpane. (Thomas Bailey Aldrich)

-Thirteen Reasons Why...
He's always looking out windows, contemplating something. (Jay Asher)

For me a square is not really an abstract shape. It's more like a window. And a rectangle for me, really is a door, something we could pass through. (Pat Martin Bates)

If I had the use of my body, I would throw it out the window. (Samuel Beckett)

In my head there are several windows, that I do know, but perhaps it is always the same one, open variously on the parading universe. (Samuel Beckett)

And you will have a window in your head. / Not even your future will be a mystery / any more. / Your mind will be punched in a card / and shut away in a little drawer. (Wendell Berry)

-poem Windows from The Ghost Trio, 1994...
In time we moved up to the status of glass - one pane, then two - each cupping in proof of its purity a dimple of fault, a form of distortion enhancing our image. We took the panes with us from cottage to cottage, moth-horn and glass, and wedged up the misfitted gaps with a poultice of gunny and wax. (Linda Bierds)

-listening to John Lennon...
I'm not exaggerating to say that. This music changed the shape of the room. It changed the shape of the world outside the room; the way you looked out the window and what you were looking at. (Bono)

It was early in the morning, the sun was rising and through the windows, I could see two deer grazing down below in the field. In the distance a car was driving slowly past the reservoir and these words were just streaming out and there were tears running down my face... (David Bowie)

Bill, I don't do Windows. (Ray Bradbury)

A library doesn't need windows. A library is a window. (Stewart Brand)

I find it impossible to think of a picture save as a window, and my first concern about a window is to find out what it looks out on... and there is nothing I love so much as something which stretches away from me out of sight. (Andre Breton)

Throw open your window and let the scenery of clouds and sky enter your room! (Yosa Buson)

We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses blooming outside our windows today. (Dale Carnegie)

-to Robert Genn...
Thanks for being a pane in my window on the world! (Lyn Cherry)

Lenses or 'windows' are placed between the subject and the camera, between the object and the viewer, and between the viewer and the artist. How do these filter and distort the image? What effects occur when there are multiple 'windows'? What happens when there are none? (Peter Ciccariello)

The window of opportunity opens and closes as fast as a camera's shutter. (Warren Criswell)

When HSBC took the painting out of their building, they had to block the road and use a crane to bring the painting out from the window. They spent about 20,000 dollars just to get the painting out of the building! They said not to bring it back, and told Sotheby's to sell it immediately! (Liu Dan)

Originality houses many rooms, and the views from the windows are all different. (Guy Davenport)

I'm still painting windows. This winter I've been doing a lot of painting out the window because of the weather and the window structure is so nice, you've got this perfect Mondrian construction there in front of you. Windows are a great device and are endlessly fascinating. I do go back to them from time to time. (Lois Dodd)

Busy old fool, unruly Sun, / Why dost thou thus, / Through windows and through curtains call on us? (John Donne)

When I look out my window, / Many sights to see. / And when I look in my window, / So many different people to be / That it's strange, so strange. (Donovan)

When a workman knows the use of his tools, he can make a door as well as a window. (George Eliot)

I have no desire to make windows into men's souls. (Queen Elizabeth I)

-The Virgin Suicides...
'The window was still open,' Mr Lisbon said. 'I don't think we'd ever remembered to shut it. It was all clear to me. I knew I had to close it or else she'd go on jumping out of it forever.' (Jeffrey Eugenides)

Calmly in the precious present, be a light for love and wisdom in the window on your world. (Kevin Flynn)

-WWD, Bridget Foley's Diary...
Retail windows are entertainment... More often than not, entertainment depends upon exaggeration. (Bridget Foley)

Thank goodness for those professionals who take their time to show how they do their work. It is a window into the soul of an artist in which we learn not only the techniques but the spirit and concerns. (Christy Fulton)

Short stories are tiny windows into other worlds and other minds and dreams. They are journeys you can make to the far side of the universe and still be back in time for dinner. (Neil Gaiman)

Accepting the gift may take the accumulated wisdom of some trodden miles, but it also opens the welcome windows of joy. (Robert Genn)

We artists allow others to see through our windows. (Robert Genn)

When shucked and released from its edges, the windowless subject stands alone as its own thing. (Robert Genn)

It is no use to blame the looking glass if your face is awry. (Nikolai Gogol)

My favorite journey is looking out the window. (Edward Gorey)

The window offered an antidote: the comforting view of a quiet street. I reached out to hold this sight but instead touched glass, felt its faint chill. I pressed harder at the window. If something so solid could be so easy to see through, I thought, then why weren't people the same way, open to any search, available to anyone's curiosity? (Philip Graham)

Most of the low latticed windows were innocent of blinds, and to the lookers-in from outside, the inmates, gathered 'round the tea-table, absorbed in handiwork, or talking with laughter or gesture, had each that happy grace which is the last thing the skilled actor shall capture - the natural grace which goes with perfect unconsciousness of observation. (Kenneth Grahame)

They say that the eye is the window to the soul. But it is the soul that is the window. (Andrew Hamilton)

Most people are mirrors, reflecting the moods and emotions of the times; few are windows, bringing light to bear on the dark corners where troubles fester. The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. (Sydney J. Harris)

I remember, I remember, / The house where I was born, / The little window where the sun / Came peeping in at morn. (Thomas Hood)

-Edward Hopper's wife, when asked, "What is the most difficult aspect of being married to a great artist?"...
It took me a long time to realize that when he is looking out the window, he is working. (Josephine Nivison Hopper)

As the fly bangs against the window attempting freedom while the door stands open, so we bang against death ignoring heaven. (Douglas Horton)

Left behind / by the thief / the moon in the window. (Kobayashi Issa)

- The Listener...
It seemed to her the window was a great eye looking out over the city and the harbour and a strip of the gulf under ice. The new silence and emptiness was not entirely a loss; it was something of a relief. Aunt Gerda felt like a balloon, untied, soaring off its own way. But, she thought, it's a balloon that's bouncing against the ceiling and can't get free. (Tove Jansson)

Art is the window to man's soul. Without it, he would never be able to see beyond his immediate world; nor could the world see the man within. (Lady Bird Johnson)

I removed the window [tattoo] because, while I used to spend all my time looking out through windows wishing to be outside, I now live there all the time. (Angelina Jolie)

I just don't like to lose what's in the window. (Bill Joy)

I consider myself a stained-glass window. And this is how I live my life - closing no doors and covering no windows; I am the multi-colored glass with light filtering through me, in many different shades. Allowing light to shed and fall into many many hues. (C. Joybell C.)

It is a symbol of Irish art. The cracked looking-glass of a servant. (James Joyce)

May I kiss you then? On this miserable paper? I might as well open the window and kiss the night air. (Franz Kafka)

One day I just looked out the window and just decided I was going to paint a window. (Alex Katz)

People are like stained glass windows: they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light within. (Elisabeth Kubler-Ross)

The light upon her face / Shines from the windows of another world. / Saints only have such faces. (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

It's like I'm not in my place... Watching behind my glass window... they say I see nothing. (Ashgan Makarem)

Music moves me - duh - and that is like having a window opening on a heightened reality, but the effect is fleeting: When the music ends, the magic, the uplifting, vanishes and the window slams shut. Words, on the other hand, by the nature of how they work, emotions evoked by dint of carefully laid out thoughts, have a more lingering effect. (Yann Martel)

The wall around the window does not create two worlds. (Henri Matisse)

Upon inspection, three old, wood-framed windows were there, hidden by debris. The windows were closed, even though you could see through the glass. The understanding came swiftly - to really feel the light, the windows must also be open, hanging freely. (Laurel McCallum)

This is what I think art is and what I demand of it: that it pull everyone in, that it show one person another's most intimate thoughts and feelings, that it throw open the window of the soul. (Felix Mendelssohn)

I looked through my window and, just as I thought, the landscape is doing fine - a bit restless, waiting to be painted. (Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki)

The Song Not the Singer, poem
Forget all the promises / Fold away the dreams / Close all the windows / Nothing is what it seems. (Stephen Morris)

Windows work two ways, mirrors one way. You never walk through mirrors or swim through windows. (Jim Morrison)

I can't play bridge. I don't play tennis. All those things that people learn, and I admire, there hasn't seemed time for. But what there is time for is looking out the window. (Alice Munro)

I have forgotten your love, yet I seem to glimpse you in every window. (Pablo Neruda)

My windows look out over a tiny town... I have a bouquet on the windowsill and a counter covered with tangerines, plums, tomatoes and every kind of apple... a young woman may be sitting for a small portrait. (David Oleski)

For how many years have you gone through the house shutting the windows, while the rain was still five miles away and veering, o plum-colored clouds, to the north away from you and you did not even know enough to be sorry... and will you find yourself finally wanting to forget all enclosures, including the enclosure of yourself, o lonely leaf, and will you dash finally, frantically, to the windows and haul them open and lean out to the dark, silvered sky, to everything that is beyond capture, shouting I'm here, I'm here! now, now, now, now, now. (Mary Oliver)

One can write nothing readable unless one constantly struggles to efface one's own personality. Good prose is like a windowpane. (George Orwell)

When your children arrive, the best you can hope for is that they break open everything about you. Your mind floods with oxygen. Your heart becomes a room with wide-open windows. You laugh hard every day... (Amy Poehler)

The eyes are the window of the soul. (proverb)

In the window, I fantasize... about providing grown-ups and children alike with the greatest gift of all: insight... (David Rakoff)

Strange things blow in through my window on the wings of the night wind and I don't worry about my destiny. (Carl Sandburg)

Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out. (Martin Scorsese)

You will come to a place where the streets are not marked. / Some windows are lighted, but mostly they're darked. / A place you could sprain both your elbow and chin! / Do you dare to stay out? Do you dare to go in? / How much can you lose? How much can you win? (Dr. Seuss)

Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world. (George Bernard Shaw)

Marriage is an alliance entered into by a man who can't sleep with the window shut, and a woman who can't sleep with the window open. (George Bernard Shaw)

Don't waste a minute not being happy. If one window closes, run to the next window - or break down a door. (Brooke Shields)

I love the fact that this art might somehow affect the way people see, and thus open a window on the world. (Burton Silverman)

Unless, governor, teacher inspector, visitor, / This map becomes their window and these windows / That open on their lives like crouching tombs / Break, O break open...' (Stephen Spender)

-East is West...
If one were given a single window from which to look upon the changing Eastern world, it should face, I think, the road. (Freya Stark)

Union is as if in a room there were two large windows through which the light streamed in; it enters in different places but it all becomes one. (Saint Teresa of Avila)

Like a fly bouncing uselessly off a closed window, I'm caught at a moment when the effort of finding new ways to perceive the world feels just out of reach for me. (David Toop)

When you have a brilliant sun, which is a source of vision, the light from the sun shines through every window of the house, and the brightness of its light inspires you to open all the curtains. In the vision of the Great Eastern Sun, no human being is a lost cause. (Chogyam Trungpa)

A room can be dank because you have closed the windows, you've closed the curtains. But the sun is shining outside, and the air is fresh outside. In order to get that fresh air, you have to get up and open the window and draw the curtains apart. Forgiveness is like this. (Desmond Tutu)

One may know the world without going out of doors. One may see the Way of Heaven without looking through the windows. (Lao Tzu)

Keep yourself clean and bright. You are the windows through which you must view the world. (Author unknown)

The gift art gives us is that instead of seeing only our own world, we see into other times, which offers a window into other cultures and sensibilities. (Susan Vreeland)

A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside. (Denis Waitley)

Paintings are windows to the imprisoned thoughts. (Van Waldron)

Sitting looking out of the window thinking I want to be an artist just doesn't work! (Sally Webster)

Are we not wasps who spend all day in a fruitless attempt to traverse a window-pane - while the other half of the window is wide open? (Wei Wu Wei)

A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books. (Walt Whitman)

All the windows of my heart I open to the day. (John Greenleaf Whittier)

An actor entering through the door, you've got nothing. But if he enters through the window, you've got a situation. (Billy Wilder)

If you clean it up, get analytical, all the subtle joy and emotion you felt in the first place goes flying out the window. (Andrew Wyeth)

Prose is like a window; fiction is like a door. But it is not uncommon that he who should come in through the door jumps in through the window. (Mu Xin)

The true faith discovered was / When painted panel, statuary. / Glass-mosaic, window-glass, / Amended what was told awry / By some peasant gospeller. (William Butler Yeats)