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Stephen Morris Quotes

Quotes by Stephen Morris - (6 quotes)

Stephen Morris - From the Aging category:

- Culture in the City, poem...
I do not hope to turn / To see the ageing moon, / Our lives are measured finally / By the twist of a coffee spoon. (Stephen Morris)

Stephen Morris - From the Goodness category:

- To Forgive the Unforgivable, poem...
We must shout, protest and write again / Against the wrongs do and what they say / For evil will surely flourish / When good men in their silence hide their heads away. (Stephen Morris)

Stephen Morris - From the Poetry category:

There's a poem in my pocket / It's about love and hate / It tells a sad story / A master of fate. (Stephen Morris)

Stephen Morris - From the Suffering category:

Pain and adversity reveal who we really are. (Stephen Morris)

Stephen Morris - From the Windows category:

The Song Not the Singer, poem
Forget all the promises / Fold away the dreams / Close all the windows / Nothing is what it seems. (Stephen Morris)

Stephen Morris - From the Words category:

- Life Words, poem...
Words are written, / The hurt of yesterday / Is the pain of today / The scars of tomorrow. / Words are written. (Stephen Morris)