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Liu Dan Quotes

Quotes by Liu Dan - (10 quotes)

Liu Dan - From the Destiny category:

It's destiny! Perhaps it is the energy that pulls on the threads and, well, I'm just leaving it as it is meant to be. (Liu Dan)

Liu Dan - From the History category:

I had serious training of painting styles from different historical periods... But to have all this training is not enough to be an artist. You have to add a new page to history; otherwise you are not making a contribution. But making history is not easy. (Liu Dan)

Liu Dan - From the Innocence category:

At that time, I was still in an experimental stage, trying to blend Western drawing techniques and Chinese brushwork together. It was harder for me back then... But that piece is special and important, because it represents vigilance and innocence; the kind of precious innocence only present at the beginning of a new artistic exploration. (Liu Dan)

Liu Dan - From the Keys category:

-in conversation with Jane DeBevoise, in front of The Dictionary, 81 x 121 inches...
I liked this particular dictionary because it doesn't have ideological references... It represents a key to knowledge, and we all need a key. Also, I want everyone to be open to knowledge and to adore it too. (Liu Dan)

Liu Dan - From the Masters category:

It is not about surpassing the masters who preceded us but more about opening new artistic vistas. It is about doing the things they didn't have a chance or the time to do. (Liu Dan)

Liu Dan - From the Nature category:

I hope to bring ancient philosophy and new scientific thinking together, to provide a new perspective of nature, especially the relationship between nature and man. (Liu Dan)

Liu Dan - From the Realism category:

Hyperrealism is more about objectifying... how an object can be portrayed when it is seen through a camera's lens... all my paintings are about an object being viewed through human eyes. (Liu Dan)

Liu Dan - From the Signatures category:

-reply to question, "Why sign in English?"...
To me, watercolor is a Western medium, so when I feel like I am using a Western manner I will use English to sign my name. (Liu Dan)

Liu Dan - From the Watercolours category:

It was a great test of my ability to work with... watercolors. And it was also a test of my patience; I needed to put myself in a completely disciplined position... I couldn't make mistakes. (Liu Dan)

Liu Dan - From the Windows category:

When HSBC took the painting out of their building, they had to block the road and use a crane to bring the painting out from the window. They spent about 20,000 dollars just to get the painting out of the building! They said not to bring it back, and told Sotheby's to sell it immediately! (Liu Dan)