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Peter Ciccariello Quotes

Quotes by Peter Ciccariello - (4 quotes)

Peter Ciccariello - From the Choices category:

The cropping and selecting of a close-up image reflects the larger compositional thinking that formed the original image. (Peter Ciccariello)

Peter Ciccariello - From the Composition category:

Composition, an arbitrary, inexact process, appears to be guided best by intuition and chance rather than science. (Peter Ciccariello)

Peter Ciccariello - From the Motivation category:

When you really intend to do something, and commit yourself to doing it and if you have integrity about it, you are forced to consider your motives and desires. (Peter Ciccariello)

Peter Ciccariello - From the Windows category:

Lenses or 'windows' are placed between the subject and the camera, between the object and the viewer, and between the viewer and the artist. How do these filter and distort the image? What effects occur when there are multiple 'windows'? What happens when there are none? (Peter Ciccariello)