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Mu Xin Quotes

Quotes by Mu Xin - (10 quotes)

Mu Xin - From the Advice category:

Thomas Hardy once advised us to record impressions more and to express ideas less. Now and then I would remember this advice. (Mu Xin)

Mu Xin - From the Art category:

What is art in the final analysis? Art is the shining forth of one's interiority. (Mu Xin)

Mu Xin - From the Culture category:

The first principle of modern cultures may be their connectedness. Culture is like wind and wind knows no boundary or center. Once there is a center, wind becomes a whirlwind. (Mu Xin)

Mu Xin - From the Freedom category:

- artist/writer imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution in China...
By day I was a slave; by night, I was a prince. (Mu Xin)

Mu Xin - From the Ideas category:

'Ideas' can be only in the distant background of a work of art, something like a very low horizon. In the middle distance and foreground... there shouldn't be any 'ideas' visible. (Mu Xin)

Mu Xin - From the Impressionism category:

Impressions are like pearls; ideas are like the string that turns the pearls into a necklace. The string is invisible, but it is not dispensable and cannot be broken. (Mu Xin)

Mu Xin - From the Journey category:

If you ask me why I left China, it's just that I went for a stroll and strolled too far away. (Mu Xin)

Mu Xin - From the Life category:

I feel that it would be tedious for a person to have only one life. It would be much better to have two or three lives going on simultaneously... (Mu Xin)

Mu Xin - From the Opposites category:

Did you ever find that there is room between the two opposing rules of a paradox? That space between two almost opposite rules is the ground where I play and write. (Mu Xin)

Mu Xin - From the Windows category:

Prose is like a window; fiction is like a door. But it is not uncommon that he who should come in through the door jumps in through the window. (Mu Xin)