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David Oleski Quotes

Quotes by David Oleski - (7 quotes)

David Oleski - From the Advice category:

Any artist that asks for advice is interested in doing more, being more, going further. Ultimately there should be a target in mind, and understanding this target is an important part of giving advice. (David Oleski)

David Oleski - From the Energy category:

Don't wait for what you need – put in the energy to create what you need. (David Oleski)

David Oleski - From the Frustration category:

Anyone that witnesses my agitation and frustration in the final hour of a painting would wonder why I even bother. (David Oleski)

David Oleski - From the Seeing category:

Capturing the way I see a subject is more important than capturing the image of the subject. (David Oleski)

David Oleski - From the Sleep category:

We get just as much sleep as we really need, to be who we need to be. (David Oleski)

David Oleski - From the Stress category:

Stress and anxiety are a necessary part of our problem-solving mind. (David Oleski)

David Oleski - From the Windows category:

My windows look out over a tiny town... I have a bouquet on the windowsill and a counter covered with tangerines, plums, tomatoes and every kind of apple... a young woman may be sitting for a small portrait. (David Oleski)