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Susan Vreeland Quotes

Quotes by Susan Vreeland - (14 quotes)

Susan Vreeland - From the Art category:

To me, art begets art. Painting feeds the eye just as poetry feeds the ear, which is to say that both feed the soul. (Susan Vreeland)

Susan Vreeland - From the Artists category:

I write about art out of gratitude to painters for the joy and spiritual uplift they have given me. Painters interpret for us the visual glories of God and, in this way, bring us closer to Him. (Susan Vreeland)

Susan Vreeland - From the Books category:

I pored over art books and absorbed the placidness of Monet's garden, the sparkling color of the Impressionists, the strength and solidity of Michelangelo's figures showing the titanic power of humans at one with God, Jan Vermeer's serene Dutch women bathed in gorgeous honey-colored light... My conviction grew that art was stronger than death. (Susan Vreeland)

Susan Vreeland - From the Colour category:

Color has always been important to me, ever since my first deluxe box of Crayolas. (Susan Vreeland)

Susan Vreeland - From the Gender category:

For a century, everyone assumed that the iconic Tiffany lamps were conceived and designed by that American master of stained glass. Not so! It was a woman! (Susan Vreeland)

Susan Vreeland - From the Humanity category:

Where there is no human connection, there is no compassion... Art and literature are antidotes to that. (Susan Vreeland)

Susan Vreeland - From the Influence category:

I'm hoping that I make readers into museum goers and museum goers into readers. (Susan Vreeland)

Susan Vreeland - From the Magic category:

When I was nine, my great grandfather, a landscape painter, taught me to mix colors. With his strong hand surrounding my small one, he guided the brush until a calla lily appeared as if by magic on a page of textured watercolor paper. (Susan Vreeland)

Susan Vreeland - From the Masters category:

Coming out of the Louvre for the first time in 1971, dizzy with new love, I stood on Pont Neuf and made a pledge to myself that the art of this newly discovered world in the Old World would be my life companion. (Susan Vreeland)

Susan Vreeland - From the Painting category:

It was only after I began to write fiction that I found a way to connect with painting. (Susan Vreeland)

Susan Vreeland - From the Subject category:

Landscape is more than flat land covered by floodwater, the seeping of peat bogs, a river of liquid pewter viewed from a sentry tower. It's an influence on what a person values, what she is willing to sacrifice or argue for. (Susan Vreeland)

Susan Vreeland - From the Windows category:

The gift art gives us is that instead of seeing only our own world, we see into other times, which offers a window into other cultures and sensibilities. (Susan Vreeland)

Susan Vreeland - From the Work category:

- Girl in Hyacinth Blue...
Everybody works... That's what life is. Work and a little play and a lot of prayer. (Susan Vreeland)

Susan Vreeland - From the Writing category:

Writers have to be observant. Every nuance, every inflection in a voice, the quality of air, even - they all get mixed up in this soup of the story developing in our minds. (Susan Vreeland)