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Quotes about Expectation

Quotes about Experience

Quotes about Expectation

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I believe that life is shorter; that is why we have to make experience longer. (Marina Abramovic)

You have to get beyond your own precious inner experiences. (Stella Adler)

It is an exciting experience when you have all your materials to hand, and nature, in one of her many moods, is spread out before you. (Lionel Aggett)

- Posterity: Letters of Great Americans to Their Children...
The fools who write articles about me think that one morning I suddenly decided to write and began to produce masterpieces. There is no special trick about writing, or painting either. I wrote constantly for 15 years before I produced anything with any solidity to it. (Sherwood Anderson)

By far the best proof is experience. (Sir Francis Bacon)

We cannot think without language, we cannot process experience without story. (Christina Baldwin)

We must turn away from work that replaces experience and pleasure with explanation. (Darby Bannard)

A man can't retire his experience. He must use it. Experience achieves more with less energy and time. (Bernard Baruch)

- A Northwoods Companion, Spring/Summer issue, 1997...
Going slow is hard for an active society hellbent on collecting experiences. We're inundated with the 'been there, done that' approach to life, and we nearly always confuse quantity of experiences with quality of experience. (John Bates)

Whereas certain people start with a recollection or an experience and paint that experience, to some of us the act of doing is the experience; so that we are not quite clear why we are engaged on a particular work. (William Baziotes)

I want to do everything. That's my problem. Life is short, and I hate the idea of turning down anything. You never know what interesting experience might happen. (Joshua Bell)

There can be no knowledge without emotion. We may be aware of a truth, yet until we have felt its force, it is not ours. To the cognition of the brain must be added the experience of the soul. (Arnold Bennett)

The past is our definition. We may strive, with good reason, to escape it, or to escape what is bad in it, but we will escape it only by adding something better to it. (Wendell Berry)

rational, adj. Devoid of all delusions save those of observation, experience and reflection. (Ambrose Bierce)

experience, n. The wisdom that enables us to recognize as an undesirable old acquaintance the folly that we have already embraced. (Ambrose Bierce)

Experience is a grindstone; and it is lucky for us, if we can get brightened by it, and not ground. (Josh Billings)

Experience isn't interesting until it begins to repeat itself. In fact, till it does that, it hardly is experience. (Elizabeth Bowen)

No one who has lived even for a fleeting moment for something other than life in its conventional sense and has experienced the exaltation that this feeling produces can then renounce his new freedom so easily. (Andre Breton)

I had not yet acquired the experience which gives modesty. (Jules Breton)

Life comes before literature, as the material always comes before the work. The hills are full of marble before the world blooms with statues. (Phillips Brooks)

That's the wise thrush; he sings each song twice over, / Lest you should think he never could recapture / The first fine careless rapture. (Robert Browning)

What's done we partly may compute, but know not what's resisted. (Robert Burns)

If we attend continually and promptly to the little that we can do, we shall ere long be surprised to find how little remains that we cannot do. (Samuel Butler, novelist)

It's more fun to experience things when you don't know what's going to happen. (Louis C.K.)

No amount of book learning, no checklist of seminars attended, can substitute for the simple act of making pictures. Experience is the best teacher of all. And for that, there are no guarantees that one will become an artist. (Harry Callahan)

Experience is a dim lamp, which only lights the one who bears it. (Louis-Ferdinand Celine)

The strong experience of nature... is the necessary basis for all conception of art on which rests the grandeur and beauty of all future work. (Paul Cezanne)

The knowledge of the means of expressing our emotions is only acquired through very long experience. (Paul Cezanne)

To most men experience is like the stern lights of a ship, which illuminate only the track it has passed. (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

Experience alone can give, even to the greatest talent, that confidence in having done all that could be done. (Eugene Delacroix)

Experience has two things to teach; the first is that we must correct a great deal; the second, that we must not correct too much. (Eugene Delacroix)

Think of it this way: the input remains the same, so the output has to remain the same. How, then, can you ever create anything new? (Joe Dispenza)

Experience is the child of thought, and thought is the child of action. We cannot learn from books. (Benjamin Disraeli)

The same thing is happening to me as happens to people in dreams when they see and feel a wound but can't remember having received it. (Alexandre Dumas)

What one has not experienced one will never understand in print. (Isadora Duncan)

Not what we experience, but how we perceive what we experience, determines our fate. (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)

When the soul wishes to experience something, she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image. (Meister Johann Eckhart)

Painting, like all other arts, rests on a continuity of experience. More than anything, young painters and sculptors need to know the works of their immediate elders. (Ilya Ehrenberg)

Conceptions without experience are void; experience without conceptions is blind. (Albert Einstein)

The arts enable us to have experience we can have from no other source and through such experience to discover the range and variety of what we are capable of feeling. (Elliot W. Eisner)

Is it not rather what we expect in men, that they should have numerous strands of experience lying side by side and never compare them with each other? (George Eliot)

We had the experience, but we missed the meaning. (T. S. Eliot)

Every experience is a paradox in that it means to be absolute, and yet is relative; in that it somehow always goes beyond itself and yet never escapes itself. (T. S. Eliot)

Imagination is a poor substitute for experience. (Havelock Ellis)

The years teach much which the days never knew. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Nothing learned is ever forgotten... we hold all our life experience deep within the recesses of our multifaceted minds. Our latent insight inexplicably surfaces and astonishes. (Chantell Van Erbe)

To look outward, to enlarge experience, that is, has always been the first job of the artist. And it is precisely this which is not only ignored but outspokenly denied by so many of today's painters and poets. (Margaret Fairley)

Experience is truly the only thing that makes experts so expert. (Suzanne Falter-Barns)

Experience is what you get while looking for something else. (Federico Fellini)

What experience has shown me is that is takes your life to become an artist. (Eric Fischl)

Judgment can be acquired only by acute observation, by actual experience in the school of life, by ceaseless alertness to learn from others, by study of the activities of men who have made notable marks, by striving to analyze the everyday play of causes and effects, by constant study of human nature. (B. C. Forbes)

This apple tree is not the first one I draw, but perhaps the thousandth. I feel the sap rise to its spreading branches. I feel in my toes how its roots grip the earth. (Frederick Franck)

In relations with people, as in art, if you always stick to style, manners, and what will work, and you're never caught off guard, then some beautiful experiences never happen. (Helen Frankenthaler)

I'm not a genius. I'm just a tremendous bundle of experience. (Buckminster Fuller)

Between reading A Year in Provence, by Peter Mayle, and actually traveling there, I prefer the latter. The same principle applies to painting. I prefer to live the experience than to think about it. (Sylvio Gagnon)

Once out of your cradle, you don't focus on the world in the abstract, perceiving things for the first time, but in synchrony with your accumulated knowledge, which enriches and helps define your experience, as well as ensuring its uniqueness. (Winifred Gallagher)

Forget shoulds and experience is. (W. Timothy Gallwey)

History never looks like history when you are living through it. It always looks confusing and messy, and it always looks uncomfortable. (John W. Gardner)

Let the experience begin! (Frank Gehry)

I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know no way of judging of the future but by the past. (Edward Gibbon)

Experience is only half of experience. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Maybe this is a utopian view of art but I do believe that art can function as a vehicle, that it isn't just a cultural pursuit, something that happens in art galleries. Unless art is linked to experience and the fear and joy of that, it becomes mere icing on the cake. (Anthony Gormley)

I learned a long time ago that I could try to reinvent the wheel or I could keep my eyes and ears open and learn from other artists' experiences. (Charles Harrington)

It was an ever clearer and deeply moving experience of oneness with the spirit of the whole land. It was this spirit which dictated, guided and instructed us how the land should be painted. (Lawren Harris)

If we view a great mountain soaring into the sky, it may excite us, evoke an uplifted feeling within us. There is an interplay of something we see outside of us with our inner response. The artist takes that response and its feelings and shapes it on canvas with paint so that when finished it contains the experience. (Lawren Harris)

Experience is a good school. But the fees are high. (Heinrich Heine)

Even in slight things the experience of the new is rarely without some stirring of foreboding. (Eric Hoffer)

Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him. (Aldous Huxley)

Deep experience is never peaceful. (Henry James)

Experience is never limited, and it is never complete; it is an immense sensibility, a kind of huge spider-web of the finest silken threads suspended in the chamber of consciousness, and catching every air-borne particle in its tissue. (Henry James)

The mind can be thought of as containing reels and reels of motion picture film about our past experiences. These images are superimposed not only on each other but also on the lens through which we experience the present. (Gerald G. Jampolsky)

A painting should contain more experience than simply intended statement. (Jasper Johns)

Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again. (Franklin P. Jones)

The significance of something lies in its presence here and now. I don't care what it has been or what it will become. It is the experience of things that matters, the confrontation with things. (Asger Jorn)

The experience of life consists of the experience which the spirit has of itself in matter and as matter, in mind and as mind, in emotion, as emotion, etc. (Franz Kafka)

...emotion that I experienced on first seeing the fresh paint come out of the tube... the impression of colours strewn over the palette: of colours - alive, waiting, as yet unseen and hidden in their little tubes... (Wassily Kandinsky)

But although all our knowledge begins with experience, it does not follow that it arises from experience. (Immanuel Kant)

Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced – even a proverb is no proverb to you until your life has illustrated it. (John Keats)

Every fresh experience points out some form of error which we shall afterwards carefully avoid. (John Keats)

The best teacher is experience and not through someone's distorted point of view. (Jack Kerouac)

Life has its own hidden forces which you can only discover by living. (Soren Kierkegaard)

I don't decide in advance that am going to paint a definite experience, but in the act of painting, it becomes a genuine experience for me. (Franz Kline)

Behind the curtain of every situation lies a beauty that exists in the mutual experience of the moment. (Tim Knox)

We deliberately took the slow route across the ocean because we knew we would learn more. (Adam Kreek)

I mean, making art is about objectifying your experience of the world, transforming the flow of moments into something visual, or textual, or musical, whatever. Art creates a kind of commentary. (Barbara Kruger)

Anything that contradicts experience and logic should be abandoned. (Dalai Lama)

Paint represents experience and makes it actual. (Peter Lanyon)

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards. (Vernon Sanders Law)

You bring to a painting your own experience. (Jacob Lawrence)

Gather knowledge... Visit galleries, museums, art and craft fairs... Read books and magazines. Take workshops. Use your senses. Experience stimulates your memory and imagination. (Nita Leland)

What we learn from experience depends on the kind of philosophy we bring to experience. (C. S. Lewis)

We are all captives of the picture in our head - our belief that the world we have experienced is the world that really exists. (Walter Lippmann)

One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning. (James Russell Lowell)

Learn from the past, but don't live there. Build on what you know so that you don't repeat mistakes. (Harvey Mackay)

There is only one thing more painful than learning from experience and that is not learning from experience. (Archibald MacLeish)

Only when I experience do I compose – only when I compose do I experience. (Gustav Mahler)

We have enough experiences in a day to make art for a decade. (Eric Maisel)

- Psycho-Cybernetics...
Your nervous system cannot tell the difference between an imagined experience and a real experience. (Maxwell Maltz)

It is only when we let ourselves be open to experience... to being surprised, that we can experience anything new... If I decide in advance what the experience should be, I cannot have a fresh experience. (Lawrence LeShan & Henry Margenau)

-on bridging the gap between looking and drawing...

Become aware of internal, subjective, sub-verbal experiences, so that these experiences can be brought into the world of abstraction... (Abraham Maslow)

An artist should try everything; he must have an ongoing sense of experience. (Henri Leopold Masson)

Everybody experiences far more than he understands. Yet it is experience, rather than understanding, that influences behavior. (Marshall McLuhan)

Experience, even for a painter, is not exclusively visual. (Walter Meigs)

We know not through our intellect but through our experience. (Maurice Merleau-Ponty)

Every moment and every event of every man's life on earth plants something in his soul. (Thomas Merton)

The artistic experience, at its highest, was actually a natural analogue of mystical experience. It produced a kind of intuitive of perception. (Thomas Merton)

It is not your experiences that determine who you are. It is your interpretation of your experiences that determines who you are. (Michael Michalko)

Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment. (Maria Montessori)

In your life there are a few places, or maybe only one place, where something has happened. And then there are the other places, which are just other places. (Alice Munro)

You should keep on painting no matter how difficult it is, because this is all part of experience, and the more experience you have, the better it is... unless it kills you, and then you know you have gone too far. (Alice Neel)

When you are doing a piece, you are with it. You don't want to wait until next week, when experience will have given you something else. (Louise Nevelson)

Art allows us to share experiences of wondrous subtlety. Through its endless unfolding, the multiplicity of its forms, we approach something much larger than ourselves. (Jerry Nevins)

No one can draw more out of things, books included, than he already knows. A man has no ears for that to which experience has given him no access. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Experience, as a desire for experience, does not come off. We must not study ourselves while having an experience. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Experience teaches acceptance of the imperfect as life. (Anais Nin)

Don't be afraid of experience, because the more experience you have, the more mature you become. (Osho)

Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out your horn. (Charlie Parker)

Not the fruit of experience, but experience itself, is the end. (Walter Pater)

At first sight experience seems to bury us under a flood of external objects, pressing upon us with a sharp and importunate reality, calling us out of ourselves in a thousand forms of action. (Walter Pater)

High school is a formative life experience, as social as it is academic, in which students encounter a jostling bazaar of potential identities... and choose, (or are assigned) one that will stay with them for years to come. (Annie Murphy Paul)

Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted. (Randy Pausch)

One of the greatest moments in anybody's developing experience is when he no longer tries to hide from himself but determines to get acquainted with himself as he really is. (Norman Vincent Peale)

Our whole past experience is continually in our consciousness, though most of it sunk to a great depth of dimness. I think of consciousness as a bottomless lake, whose waters seem transparent, yet into which we can clearly see but a little way. (Charles S. Peirce)

Experience precedes understanding. (Jean Piaget)

Experience is what you get looking for something else. (Mary Pettibone Poole)

Some things must be learned in the heart, by experience. (K. Ann Price)

That which harms, often teaches. (Latin proverb)

Night alters the experience of our environment. The separation of earth and sky is dissolved and artificial light is the compass... in silent walks through streets, parking lots, and alleys. (Greg Pyra)

The artist seeks not truth, but an enlargement of the scope of his ordinary experience. (J. Rahrer)

I'm not so facile that I can accomplish or find out what I want to know, or explore enough of the possibilities and a way of making a painting, say, in just one painting or two paintings. (Robert Rauschenberg)

- The Celestine Prophecy...
We must assume every event has significance and contains a message that pertains to our questions... the challenge is to find the silver lining in every event, no matter how negative. (James Redfield)

In a person who is open to experience, each stimulus is freely relayed through the nervous system, without being distorted by any process of defensiveness. (Carl Rogers)

There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves. (Will Rogers)

Take time to gather up the past so that you will be able to draw from your experience and invest them in the future. (Jim Rohn)

People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

A painting is not about an experience. It is an experience. (Mark Rothko)

Our experience is composed rather of illusions than of wisdom acquired. (Joseph Roux)

We can never possibly know what is about to happen: it is happening, each time, for the first time, for the only time. (Carl Sandburg)

Drawing and masturbation were the first sacred experiences I remember. (Carolee Schneemann)

I have inhaled, exhaled everything. (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Experience is principally the product of trial fuelled by error. (Ian Semple)

Experience may be the sum of survived misjudgments. (Ian Semple)

Experience is by industry achieved, / And perfected by the swift course of time. (William Shakespeare)

The experience gathered from books, though often valuable, is but the nature of learning; whereas the experience gained from actual life is one of the nature of wisdom. (Samuel Smiles)

You can only paint through your experience and sub-consciousness. (Barbara Smith)

The sole substitute for an experience which we have not ourselves lived through is art and literature. (Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn)

There is an investment of your own life experience in something as innocent as colour. (Stephen de Staebler)

I embrace emerging experience. I participate in discovery. I am a butterfly. I am not a butterfly collector. I want the experience of the butterfly. (William Stafford)

The experience of love and the experience of death destroy the illusion of our self-sufficiency. The two are closely connected, and to become fully human we must experience both of them. (David Steindl-Rast)

Ultimately all knowing, from the highest to the lowest, is the result of experience; it arises on the way of experiences. (Rudolf Steiner)

When something dies is the greatest teaching. (Shunryu Suzuki)

The artist has to make the viewer understand that his world is too narrow, he has to open up to new perspectives. (Antoni Tapies)

Take your work seriously but never take yourself seriously and do not take what happens either to yourself or your work seriously. (Booth Tarkington)

I am a part of all that I have met; / Yet all experience is an arch wherethrough / Gleams that untravelled world, whose margin fades / For ever and for ever when I move. (Alfred, Lord Tennyson)

How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live! (Henry David Thoreau)

However intense my experience, I am conscious of the presence and criticism of a part of me, which, as it were, is not a part of me, but a spectator, sharing no experience, but taking note of it, and that is no more I than it is you. (Henry David Thoreau)

Do not fall into the error of the artist who boasts of twenty years experience in his craft while in fact he has had only one year of experience - twenty times. (Trevanian)

There's a small still center into which conception can arrive. And when it arrives, you make it welcome with your experience. (Anne Truitt)

One has to taste an experience for oneself and find out if the thing is genuine or helpful. Then, before discarding something, one has to go further, so that one gets firsthand experience. (Chogyam Trungpa)

- Following the Equator...
We should be careful to get out of an experience only the wisdom that is in it - and stop there; lest we be like the cat that sits down on a hot stove-lid. She will never sit down on a hot stove-lid again - and that is well; but she will also never sit down on a cold one anymore. (Mark Twain)

History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes. (Mark Twain)

Experience is what causes a person to make new mistakes instead of old ones. (Author unknown)

Once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return. (Leonardo da Vinci)

My works are the issue of simple and plain experience which is the true mistress. (Leonardo da Vinci)

It's the experience that matters and if painters can take a viewer on the experience, they've created a work of art. (Coulter Watt)

We identify in our experience a differentiation between what we do and what happens to us. (Alan Watts)

All experience is an enrichment rather than an impoverishment. (Eudora Welty)

An enormous part of our mature experience cannot not be expressed in words. (Alfred North Whitehead)

To paint a chicken you have to be a chicken. (Edgar A. Whitney)

Fill your life with as many moments and experiences of joy and passion as you humanly can. Start with one experience and build on it. (Marcia Wieder)

Not to transmit an experience is to betray it. (Elie Wiesel)

Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing. (Oscar Wilde)

You never realise how much of your background is sewn into the lining of your clothes. (Tom Wolfe)

If you paint a man leaning over, your own back must ache. (N. C. Wyeth)