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Franz Kline Quotes

Quotes by Franz Kline - (18 quotes)

Franz Kline - From the Choices category:

You yourself, you don't decide, but if you want to paint, you have to find out some way to start this thing off, whether it is painting it out or putting it in... (Franz Kline)

Franz Kline - From the Colour category:

People sometimes think I take a white canvas and paint a black sign on it, but this is not true. I paint the white as well as the black, and the white is just as important. (Franz Kline)

Franz Kline - From the Dissatisfaction category:

If I feel a painting I'm working on doesn't have imagery or emotion, I paint it out and work over it, until it does. (Franz Kline)

Franz Kline - From the Drawing category:

I rather feel that painting is a form of drawing and the painting that I like has a form of drawing to it. I don't see how it could be disassociated from the nature of drawing... I find in many cases a drawing has been the subject of the painting. (Franz Kline)

Franz Kline - From the Emotion category:

The nature of anguish is translated into different forms. (Franz Kline)

Franz Kline - From the Experience category:

I don't decide in advance that am going to paint a definite experience, but in the act of painting, it becomes a genuine experience for me. (Franz Kline)

Franz Kline - From the Form category:

It just seems as though there are forms in some experience in your life that have an excitement for you... those sort of forms in your experience do, in some way, not dominate, but they become the things that you are involved with. (Franz Kline)

Franz Kline - From the Keys category:

Procedure is the keyword... The difference is that we [the Abstract expressionists] don't begin with a definite sense of procedure. It's free association from the start to the finished state. (Franz Kline)

Franz Kline - From the Loneliness category:

I think there is a kind of loneliness in a lot of them which I don't think about as the fact that I'm lonely and therefore I paint lonely pictures, but I like kind of lonely things anyhow; so if the forms express that to me, there is a certain excitement that I have about that... (Franz Kline)

Franz Kline - From the Mediums category:

Paint never seems to behave the same. Even the same paint doesn't, you know. In other words, if you use the same white or black or red, through the use of it, it never seems to be the same. It doesn't dry the same. It doesn't stay there and look at you the same way. Other things seem to affect it. There seems to be something that you can do so much with paint and after that you start murdering it... (Franz Kline)

Franz Kline - From the Painting category:

You don't paint the way someone, by observing his life, thinks you have to paint, you paint the way you have to, in order to give. That's life itself, and someone will look and say it is the product of knowing, but it has nothing to do with knowing, it has to do with giving. The question about knowing will naturally be wrong. When you've finished giving, the look surprises you... (Franz Kline)

Franz Kline - From the Painting category:

The painting can develop something that is not at all related to the drawing and have no particular mood about it at all; it's just a cool kind of reality that has a series of involvements within it; and the pure excitement of those things happening within this form is enough for that particular painting... (Franz Kline)

Franz Kline - From the Planning category:

There are moments or periods when it would be wonderful to plan something and do it and have the thing only do what you planned to do, and then, there are other times when the destruction of those planned things becomes interesting to you. So then, it becomes a question of destroying - of destroying the planned forms; it's like an escape, it's something to do, something to begin the situation. (Franz Kline)

Franz Kline - From the Solitude category:

If you're a painter, you're not alone. There's no way to be alone. You think and you care and you're with all the people who care, including the young people who don't know they do yet. Tomlin in his late paintings knew this, Jackson Pollock always knew it... (Franz Kline)

Franz Kline - From the Space category:

The Oriental idea of space is an infinite space; it is not painted space, and ours is. (Franz Kline)

Franz Kline - From the Standards category:

The final test of a painting, theirs, mine, any other, is: does the painter's emotions come across? (Franz Kline)

Franz Kline - From the Style category:

Now, Bonnard at times seems styleless. Someone said of him that he had the rare ability to forget from one day to another what he had done. He added the next day's experience to it, like a child following a balloon. (Franz Kline)

Franz Kline - From the Subject category:

I paint not the things I see but the feelings they arouse in me. (Franz Kline)