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Tim Knox Quotes

Quotes by Tim Knox - (7 quotes)

Tim Knox - From the Experience category:

Behind the curtain of every situation lies a beauty that exists in the mutual experience of the moment. (Tim Knox)

Tim Knox - From the Happiness category:

Each month, 55 million people google 'how to be happy.' But it's well documented what makes us happy - we find it in each other. (Tim Knox)

Tim Knox - From the Models category:

-photographic shoot...
Stand-ins are not only just technical but also emotional. They serve to better the image that I'm making in many different ways so when the talent turns up everything is taken care of and they have my full attention. (Tim Knox)

Tim Knox - From the Photography category:

In my process I always do a test shot at the location usually the day before but can also be on the day. Sometimes these themselves turn into really interesting photos. And in fact so much so that they have ended up in the folio rather than the same shot with the talent. (Tim Knox)

Tim Knox - From the Profession category:

At the beginning of my career I was told that photography was one of two things: either a golden conduit or a cul-de-sac. Photography became a mechanism to explore life and to look for the feeling on the outside of what was happening within. (Tim Knox)

Tim Knox - From the Space category:

I used to get sent out to sketch with a pair of scissors and asked to bring back the space between things. (Tim Knox)

Tim Knox - From the Unknowns category:

-photographic shoot...
When you go to shoot, you are never really sure what you will find. In every thing there is a sense of poetry waiting, and it is always found on the inside. (Tim Knox)