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Sylvio Gagnon Quotes

Quotes by Sylvio Gagnon - (8 quotes)

Sylvio Gagnon - From the Experience category:

Between reading A Year in Provence, by Peter Mayle, and actually traveling there, I prefer the latter. The same principle applies to painting. I prefer to live the experience than to think about it. (Sylvio Gagnon)

Sylvio Gagnon - From the Finishing category:

The best way to finish a painting is to start a new one. (Sylvio Gagnon)

Sylvio Gagnon - From the Focus category:

Cropping makes us focus on the essential. (Sylvio Gagnon)

Sylvio Gagnon - From the Photography category:

Painting from a photo or from memory is a different sort of experience from plein air painting. There is no actual, physical communion between the painter and the subject. (Sylvio Gagnon)

Sylvio Gagnon - From the Plein-Air category:

Plein-air painting and painting from a reference: The first is like going to Paris for two weeks with your girl friend, the second is like reading a book about Paris at the local library. (Sylvio Gagnon)

Sylvio Gagnon - From the Problems category:

Painting is mostly problem-solving. It's different each time. Self-confidence and assurance that come from hard work has a lot to do with finding solutions. And there is not only one way. (Sylvio Gagnon)

Sylvio Gagnon - From the Quality category:

The objective is always quality – the elusive quality that is never guaranteed but we know is there on the palette. (Sylvio Gagnon)

Sylvio Gagnon - From the Time category:

'How long did it take you to paint this picture?' One hour... plus 35 years. (Sylvio Gagnon)