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Lionel Aggett Quotes

Quotes by Lionel Aggett - (5 quotes)

Lionel Aggett - From the Architecture category:

Since giving up architecture... I seem to have drifted away from the desire to paint buildings... Instead it is groups of buildings clustered in the form of villages or towns... (Lionel Aggett)

Lionel Aggett - From the Awareness category:

Awareness can be best achieved and honed through working outside. (Lionel Aggett)

Lionel Aggett - From the Experience category:

It is an exciting experience when you have all your materials to hand, and nature, in one of her many moods, is spread out before you. (Lionel Aggett)

Lionel Aggett - From the Observation category:

About two-thirds of the effort that goes towards the execution of a painting can, I am sure, be attributed to observation. (Lionel Aggett)

Lionel Aggett - From the Research category:

I am here, there, and everywhere, following loosely the path blazened by my prolonged and meticulous research! (Lionel Aggett)