Quotes about Impotence
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Quotes about Impotence

Quotes about Impressionism

Quotes about Impotence

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Light is impressionism. (Gae Aulenti)

What I am after is the first impression – I want to show all one sees on first entering the room – what my eye takes in at first glance. (Pierre Bonnard)

-on The Impressionists...
Art is not nature... There was a lot more to be got out of colour. (Pierre Bonnard)

Painting in the tradition of the post-impressionists is not about strict adherence to details. There is an engaging middle ground where fundamentals in realism yield to expressive abstraction of the elements. (Gavin Brooks)

-on the Impressionists...
Once the impression is captured, they declare their role finished. (Jules Castagnary)

-Letters of the great artists - from Blake to Pollock by Richard Friedenthal...
The most authentic Russian Impressionism leaves one perplexed if one compares it with Monet and Pissarro. Here, in the Louvre, before the canvases of Manet, Millet and others, I understood why my alliance with Russia and Russian art did not take root. (Marc Chagall)

It isn't an easy job to paint oneself – at any rate if it is to be different from a photograph. And you see – this, in my opinion, is the advantage that impressionism possesses over all the other things; it is not banal, and one seeks after a deeper resemblance than the photograph. (Vincent van Gogh)

It took some time before the public learned that to appreciate an Impressionist painting one has to step back a few yards, and enjoy the miracle of seeing these puzzling patches suddenly fall into one place and come to life before our eyes. (Ernst Gombrich)

My knowledge of art ended at impressionism. (Peggy Guggenheim)

The word 'impressionism' as applied to art has been abused, and in the general acceptance of the term has become perverted. (Childe Hassam)

The true impressionism is realism. So many people do not observe. They take the ready-made axioms laid down by others, and walk blindly in a rut without trying to see for themselves. (Childe Hassam)

Realize the value of putting down your first impression quickly. (Charles Hawthorne)

We are all the subjects of impressions, and some of us seek to convey the impressions to others. In the art of communicating impressions lies the power of generalizing without losing the logical connection of parts to the whole which satisfies the mind. (George Inness)

What to paint was a problem for the war artist... the old heroics, the death and glory stuff, were gone forever... the impressionistic technique I had developed was now ineffective, for visual impressions were not enough. (A. Y. Jackson)

It would be wrong to regard Impressionism as a break in the development of art, although it contradicted so much that had gone before... Impressionism is better regarded as an apex of symmetrical curve which begins by turning away from naturalism... A considerable distance has been traveled since then, but the path seems to be leading into the desert. (Bodo W. Jaxtheimer)

-on Terrace at Sainte-Adresse by Claude Monet...
It is that rare impressionist painting where people don't judge the light, but rather are judged by it. (Alexandra Johnson)

-on viewing one of Monet's paintings...
Painting took on a fabulous strength and splendor; the object was discredited as an indispensable element of the picture. (Wassily Kandinsky)

- b.1861 d.1939...
Paris was a shock for me... Impressionists... in them I found everything I was scolded for back home in Moscow. (Konstantin Korovin)

Impressionism is the newspaper of the soul. (Henri Matisse)

Impressionism means taking inspiration directly from nature, trusting your senses rather than what you think you know. (Michael McClure)

History has shown that those who set themselves up as arbiters of 'proper art' are wrong, almost 100% of the time. Consider as the prime example, the Impressionists, who set themselves up because the museums and 'art experts' of their day refused their products. (Damar Minyak)

Today, it seems, almost everybody wants to pretend to the title 'neoimpressionist' or 'post impressionist' or 'non-impressionist' or whatso-everist. (Damar Minyak)

I didn't become an impressionist. As long as I can remember I always have been one. (Claude Monet)

A good impression is lost so quickly... (Claude Monet)

The power of the suggestive is much greater than the statement of reality. (C. W. Mundy)

Impressionism, after some 150 years, is still at the forefront of what is stale representative art. (Alex Nodopaka)

- b.1839 - d.1894...
But when reflexion begins to play upon these objects... like some trick of magic each object is loosed into a group of impressions - colour, odour, texture... And if we continue to dwell in thought on this world... the whole scope of observation is dwarfed into the narrow chamber of the individual mind. (Walter Pater)

Work at the same time on sky, water, branches, ground, keeping everything going on an equal basis... Don't be afraid of putting on colour... Paint generously and unhesitatingly, for it is best not to lose the first impression. (Camille Pissarro)

We are all the subjects of impressions, and some of us seek to convey the impressions to others. In the art of communicating impressions lies the power of generalizing without losing that logical connection of parts to the whole which satisfies the mind. (Camille Pissarro)

Impressionism came about because it suddenly became apparent that pure colours mix in the eye in a more dazzling way than they have ever been mixed in paint. (Joseph Plaskett)

The forest is essential, the trees incidental. (William F. Reese)

Painting to the Russian Impressionists is just another form of poetry and it should be to us as well. (William F. Reese)

About 1883 something like a break occurred in my work. I had reached the end of 'impressionism,' and I had come to realize that I did not know how to paint or draw. (Pierre-Auguste Renoir)

-on Monet...
There is always a delightful sense of movement, vibration and life. (Theodore Robinson)

-on Joaquin Sorolla...
As the critic Henri Rochefort recognized on viewing Sorolla's Paris show in 1906, 'This is not impressionism, but it is incredibly impressive.' (Peter Saint-Andre)

Impressionism is at the root of all modern art, because it was the first movement that managed to free itself from preconceived ideas, and because it changed not only the way life was depicted but the way life was seen. (Francesco Salvi)

The Neo-Impressionist does not stipple, he divides. And dividing involves... guaranteeing all benefits of light. (Paul Signac)

In the work of Seurat, you can see the dots of neutral colors carrying the form and then the dots of more intense color that make the color texture. It is a totally different principle that than of the Impressionists who used broken color to imitate visual effect. (John Sloan)

You are an individual, there is only one of you, so don't paint like everyone else. (Ted Smuskiewicz)

All inspired painters are impressionists, even though it be true that some impressionists are not inspired. (Joaquin Sorolla)

No, mes amis, impressionism is not charlatanry, nor a formula, nor a school. I should say rather it is the bold resolve to throw all those things overboard. (Joaquin Sorolla)

Sometimes I will look away very quickly, and freeze frame that first impression, pleased with myself that I have outsmarted my own smartness, and perceived a colour as it actually is. (Catherine Taylor)

The larger the brush strokes the more impressionist your work will be. (Van Waldron)

The job of the impressionist painter is to say just enough without forcing the story on the viewer... detail kills imagination. (Colley Whisson)

If we were to imagine an orange on the blue side or green on the red side or violet on the yellow side, it would give us the same impression as a north wind coming from the southwest. (Ludwig Wittgenstein)

Impressions are like pearls; ideas are like the string that turns the pearls into a necklace. The string is invisible, but it is not dispensable and cannot be broken. (Mu Xin)