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Gavin Brooks Quotes

Quotes by Gavin Brooks - (4 quotes)

Gavin Brooks - From the Impressionism category:

Painting in the tradition of the post-impressionists is not about strict adherence to details. There is an engaging middle ground where fundamentals in realism yield to expressive abstraction of the elements. (Gavin Brooks)

Gavin Brooks - From the Memory category:

Memory plays a huge part in composing paintings that speak of artist discovery. (Gavin Brooks)

Gavin Brooks - From the Plein-Air category:

Notes from the field become part of an ongoing experience where each painting contributes in some way to the next. (Gavin Brooks)

Gavin Brooks - From the Truth category:

There is a constant balance in working with what I am seeing in the moment and what I know to be true in absence of the evidence. Seeking truth in the sublime and painting in this realm is not about what I see in nature but more about how it feels when I am standing in it. (Gavin Brooks)