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Peter Saint-Andre Quotes

Quotes by Peter Saint-Andre - (3 quotes)

Peter Saint-Andre - From the Impressionism category:

-on Joaquin Sorolla...
As the critic Henri Rochefort recognized on viewing Sorolla's Paris show in 1906, 'This is not impressionism, but it is incredibly impressive.' (Peter Saint-Andre)

Peter Saint-Andre - From the Light category:

-on Joaquin Sorolla...
Sorolla's style is probably more accurately described as luminism - literally, the painting of light - or even, overcoming all collective categories, simply and uniquely Sorollism. (Peter Saint-Andre)

Peter Saint-Andre - From the Style category:

-on Joaquin Sorolla...
Late in his life he was seen as a realist reactionary, stubbornly clinging to an outmoded style in the time of cubism, expressionism, and the triumph of modernism. (Peter Saint-Andre)