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Paul Signac Quotes

Quotes by Paul Signac - (9 quotes)

Paul Signac - From the Art category:

Art is a creation of a higher order than a copy of nature which is governed by chance... (Paul Signac)

Paul Signac - From the Colour category:

The art of the colorist has in some ways elements of mathematics and music. (Paul Signac)

Paul Signac - From the Colour category:

By the elimination of all muddy colors, by the exclusive use of optical mixture of pure colors, by a methodical divisionism and a strict observation of the scientific theory of colors, the neo-impressionist insures a maximum of luminosity, of color intensity, and of harmony - a result that has never yet been obtained. (Paul Signac)

Paul Signac - From the Complexity category:

Divisionism is a complex system of harmony, an aesthetic rather than a technique. (Paul Signac)

Paul Signac - From the Criticism category:

Vuillard balances too far on the side of fantasy... the people in his pictures are not properly defined. As he's an admirable draughtsman it must be that he just doesn't want to give them mouths and hands and feet. (Paul Signac)

Paul Signac - From the Future category:

The golden age has not passed; it lies in the future. (Paul Signac)

Paul Signac - From the Harmony category:

To divide is to seek the power and harmony of color, through representing colored light by pure elements, and through employing the optical mixture of these pure elements, separated and proportioned according to the essential laws of contrast and graduation. (Paul Signac)

Paul Signac - From the Impressionism category:

The Neo-Impressionist does not stipple, he divides. And dividing involves... guaranteeing all benefits of light. (Paul Signac)

Paul Signac - From the Individuality category:

The anarchist painter is not the one who will create anarchist pictures, but the one who will fight with all his individuality against official conventions. (Paul Signac)