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Alex Nodopaka Quotes

Quotes by Alex Nodopaka - (11 quotes)

Alex Nodopaka - From the Art category:

There's only one type of 'serious art' and it deals with clinical documentation. Anything else is artistic license and illustrative interpretation that incorporate the well-balanced geometries of dark and light and fields of color. (Alex Nodopaka)

Alex Nodopaka - From the Impressionism category:

Impressionism, after some 150 years, is still at the forefront of what is stale representative art. (Alex Nodopaka)

Alex Nodopaka - From the Invention category:

Every time I think I reinvent the wheel, the known past of humankind careens through my mind. I become transfixed by history as I merge the past into the present into some perceived future. (Alex Nodopaka)

Alex Nodopaka - From the Originality category:

It is the subject matter that must be treated in an, if not striking then, original manner. Don't be pigeonholed by your own format. (Alex Nodopaka)

Alex Nodopaka - From the Pets category:

Think outside of sour gooseberry jam! I do not yet met a state of Emily Carr when the space in the artist is ordering a pet and a blue fish. A tweetle beetle puddles a pet, like a tweetle beetle battles a linear system. (Alex Nodopaka)

Alex Nodopaka - From the Recognition category:

It is a shame to copycat oneself because of recognition by creating your own fad. (Alex Nodopaka)

Alex Nodopaka - From the Satisfaction category:

Sometimes the remnants of paint produce only a fraction of one and we must be content with it. (Alex Nodopaka)

Alex Nodopaka - From the Sculpture category:

I'd worry about eating my sculpture if it began suddenly crawling on its own. (Alex Nodopaka)

Alex Nodopaka - From the Signatures category:

Most Russian artists almost never signed on the front of their paintings. They did it on the canvas back... where any written information ought to be. This applies also to the smaller paintings, especially with artists' names exceeding the length of admiration. (Alex Nodopaka)

Alex Nodopaka - From the Titles category:

I had the biggest block against titles, choosing to leave everything untitled, until many people asked for titles and told me it was a negative, when they considered art, to see Untitled. (Alex Nodopaka)

Alex Nodopaka - From the Words category:

Word definition disorder is chewing this artist's inventions... (Alex Nodopaka)