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George Inness Quotes

Quotes by George Inness - (4 quotes)

George Inness - From the Greatness category:

The greatness of art is not in the display of knowledge, or in material accuracy, but in the distinctness with which it conveys the impressions of a personal vital force, that acts spontaneously, without fear or hesitation. (George Inness)

George Inness - From the Impressionism category:

We are all the subjects of impressions, and some of us seek to convey the impressions to others. In the art of communicating impressions lies the power of generalizing without losing the logical connection of parts to the whole which satisfies the mind. (George Inness)

George Inness - From the Movement category:

The true end of art is not to imitate a fixed material condition, but to represent a living emotion. (George Inness)

George Inness - From the Painting category:

The purpose of the painter is simply to reproduce in other minds the impression which a scene has made upon him. A work of art does not appeal to the intellect. It does not appeal to the moral sense. Its aim is not to instruct, not to edify, but to awaken an emotion. (George Inness)