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Quotes about Peace

Quotes about Perception

Quotes about Peace

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Quotes about Perfection

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Simply look with perceptive eyes at the world about you, and trust to your own reactions and convictions. Ask yourself, 'Does this subject move me to feel, think and dream?' (Ansel Adams)

To be conscious that we are perceiving or thinking is to be conscious of our own existence. (Aristotle)

All perceiving is also thinking, all reasoning is also intuition, all observation is also invention. (Rudolf Arnheim)

The universe is change; life is your perception of it. (Marcus Aurelius)

If you learn something too well, it will get in the way of your perception of reality. (Darby Bannard)

Always let intuitive perception precede analysis. (Darby Bannard)

When we make the cerebral state the beginning of an action, and in no sense the condition of a perception, we place the perceived images of things outside the image of our body, and thus replace perception within the things themselves. (Henri Bergson)

To perceive means to immobilize... we seize, in the act of perception, something which outruns perception itself. (Henri Bergson)

-The Profile Maker...
It is through the disorientations of perception that we may best understand the fundamental strangeness of the world. (Linda Bierds)

Opting for one perception eliminates all others. (Simone Bingemer)

The reality of life is that your perceptions – right or wrong – influence everything else you do. When you get a proper perspective of your perceptions, you may be surprised how many other things fall into place. (Roger Birkman)

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things through narrow chinks of his cavern. (William Blake)

If you can change your perception, you can change your emotion and this can lead to new ideas. (Edward de Bono)

It is part of the photographer's job to see more intensely than most people do. He must have and keep in him something of the receptiveness of the child who looks at the world for the first time or of the traveler who enters a strange country. (Bill Brandt, photographer)

Beyond our most stubborn misperception lies often our fondest dream. (Robert Brault)

Everything tends to make us believe that there exists a certain point of the mind at which life and death, the real and the imagined, past and future, the communicable and the incommunicable, high and low, cease to be perceived as contradictions. (Andre Breton)

Perception is created and twisted so quickly. (Louis C.K.)

To take photographs means to recognize - simultaneously and within a fraction of a second - both the fact itself and the rigorous organization of visually perceived forms that give it meaning. It is putting one's head, one's eye and one's heart on the same axis. (Henri Cartier-Bresson)

As soon as a true thought has entered our mind, it gives a light which makes us see a crowd of other objects which we have never perceived before. (Francois Rene de Chateaubriand)

The primary imagination I hold to be the living power and prime agent of all human perception, and as a repetition in the finite mind of the eternal act of creation in the infinite I AM. (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

From one point of view becoming is a humiliation, and from another a royal procession. (Ananda Coomaraswamy)

-on Group of Seven exhibition...
Trees assumed the form of rocks and torrents took on the appearance of pulled taffy. (Critic)

There is only one difference between a madman and me. I am not mad. (Salvador Dali)

- You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter...
Your perceptions have everything to do with the choices you make, the behaviors you exhibit, the relationships you choose, and the realities you create. (Joe Dispenza)

The arts teach students that small differences can have large effects. The arts traffic in subtleties. (Elliot W. Eisner)

Light and darkness, the seasons and weather conditions create radical changes to our perception of what nature looks like. (Peter Folkes)

If you ask me what the world looks like to me, it looks like a painting by Pissarro. (Ernst Gombrich)

Since becoming nearly blind three years ago, I have developed a stronger perception about people, able to discover the real being, which most of the time lies hidden beneath the surface. (Raul Gonzalez)

The uneducated person perceives only the individual phenomenon, the partly educated person the rule, and the educated person the exception. (Franz Grillparzer)

A highbrow is the kind of person who looks at a sausage and thinks of Picasso. (A. P. Herbert)

It is perhaps wrong to say that the enemy of enlightenment is logic; rather, it is dualistic, verbal thinking. In fact, it is even more basic than that: it is perception. (Douglas R. Hofstadter)

- as seen like a painting by Vermeer, The Doors of Perception...
Things without pretensions, satisfied to be merely themselves, sufficient in their suchness, not acting a part, not trying, insanely, to go it alone... (Aldous Huxley)

We are perpetually moralists, but we are geometricians only by chance. Our intercourse with intellectual nature is necessary; our speculations upon matter are voluntary, and at leisure. (Samuel Johnson)

The world is nothing but my perception of it. I see only through myself. I hear only through the filter of my story. (Byron Katie)

Perception is a guess or estimate of what is 'out there' depending on how we read the clues; therefore it can never be absolute and often is unreliable. (Earl Kelley)

Heightened perception is the goal: becoming more aware of how you see, not just what you see. (Michael Kimmelman)

Every creative act involves... a new innocence of perception, liberated from the cataract of accepted belief. (Arthur Koestler)

The awareness of imagery is part of living... a life which derives its power from within itself will focus on the perception... of images. (Oskar Kokoschka)

It's not really the doors of perception that artists constantly recreate, but only variations of the welcome mat. (Donald Kruger)

In my view, the holy is not based so much on the physical environment, but on the experience and perceptions of it. (Anthony Lawlor)

There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line. (Oscar Levant)

What makes a set of lines and colors into art is the relationship between this line and that one; the way one color or form echoes another in a different part of the canvas. (Daniel J. Levitin)

We can control our lives by controlling our perceptions. (Bruce Lipton)

Relax, dump the junk and hystrionics of being an artist, wilfully saw the edges off that razor sharp perception, and let the world wash over us, feeding us what we need. Perhaps we can see best when we're looking for the least. (Cyd Madsen)

This perception of division between the seer and the object that is seen, is situated in the mind. For those remaining in the heart, the seer becomes one with the sight. (Ramana Maharshi)

Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world. (Hans Margolius)

It's forcing the issue of perception by rendering an image that is just at the edge of perception, which in someway forces you to look more closely and for you to adjust your vision so you can see in the dark. (Kerry James Marshall)

The poet, the artist, the sleuth - whoever sharpens our perception tends to be anti-social, rarely 'well-adjusted,' he cannot go along with currents and trends. A strange bond often exists among anti-social types in their power to see environments as they really are. (Marshall McLuhan)

What we call art would seem to be specialist artifacts for enhancing human perception. (Marshall McLuhan)

I am not in front of my body, I am in it or rather I am it... If we can still speak of interpretation in relation to the perception of one's own body, we shall have to say that it interprets itself. (Maurice Merleau-Ponty)

Perception is demonstrably an active rather than a passive process; it constructs rather than records 'reality.' (Michael Michalko)

Perception implies understanding as well as awareness. (Michael Michalko)

Art doesn't begin with a brush and a palette, but with the artist's ability to perceive life. You have to learn how to live before you can learn how to paint. (Dean Mitchell)

Sometimes images may emerge from some chord in my subconscious, the way a dream might. Even in those paintings where an image unconsciously develops, a certain kind of experience is usually necessary in order to perceive it. (Robert Motherwell)

Perception is strong and sight weak. (Miyamoto Musashi)

The difference between a mountain and a molehill is your perspective. (Allen H. Neuharth)

New things are often perceived as a threat, whether they appear on the street or on the walls of the local art gallery. (Anne Newlands)

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

One step above the sublime makes the ridiculous; and one step above the ridiculous makes the sublime again. (Thomas Paine)

It is evident that no derivative laws can teach the young student to see and apprehend colour in nature. His perception needs development as urgently as his muscles. (Walter J. Phillips)

A landscape painted with exactness forces you to see a determined number of clearly differentiated trees, while in a blurry canvas you can perceive as many trees as you want. The painting is more open. (Gerhard Richter)

I used to build up to sensation, accumulating tension until it released a perceptual experience. (Bridget Riley)

We must not allow other people's limited perceptions to define us. (Virginia Satir)

The perceptions of middle age have their own luminosity. (Gail Sheehy)

Gesture is an expression of feeling aroused by perception. (Harriet Shorr)

Nature, the sun itself, produces color effects... instantaneously. The impression of these evanescent visions is what we make desperate attempts to catch and fix by any means at hand. At such moments I am unconscious of materials, of style, of rules, of everything that intervenes between my perception and the object or idea perceived. (Joaquin Sorolla)

The thing itself is one; the images are many. What leads to a perceptive understanding of the thing is not the focus on one image, but the viewing of many images together. (Rudolf Steiner)

Conceptions are artificial. Perceptions are essential. (Wallace Stevens)

The perception of beauty is a moral test. (Henry David Thoreau)

Perception is not fixed but very fluid. That which you abhor today, you just may love tomorrow. (Helena Tiainen)

So much of what we do and see and think is through our private and individual filter of perception. (Mary Timme)

All that is gold does not glitter, / Not all those who wander are lost... (J. R. R. Tolkien)

We do not perceive things directly but perceive rather our thoughts about things. And these stories and perceptions, when accompanied by powerful emotions, can dramatically colour our experiences. (Geshe Tashe Tsering)

Any involvement in art develops one's personal perception of everything around us. (Clark Vanover)

All our knowledge has its origin in our perceptions. (Leonardo da Vinci)

My world is nothing but my own perception. I hear through the filter of my story. (Don Watson)

There is no mystery whatever - only inability to perceive the obvious. (Wei Wu Wei)

In ordinary perception, the senses send an overwhelming flood of information to the brain, which the brain then filters down to a trickle it can manage for the purpose of survival in a highly competitive world. Man has become so rational, so utilitarian, that the trickle becomes most pale and thin. It is efficient, for mere survival, but it screens out the most wondrous part of man's potential experience without his even knowing it. We're shut off from our own world. (Tom Wolfe)

Those persons who have perceptive eyes enjoy beauty everywhere. (Paramahansa Yogananda)

I'm not a Conceptualist. I'm a Perceptualist - what you see is what you see. (Brian Crawford Young)

-b.AD 61 d.AD 112, Gaius Plinius Caecilius Secundus...
Everyone is prejudiced in favor of his own powers of discernment... (Pliny the Younger)