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Cyd Madsen Quotes

Quotes by Cyd Madsen - (4 quotes)

Cyd Madsen - From the Artists category:

Artists are those who have instinctively known the concept of Plato's shadow on the cave wall, and they're trying to look past the shadows to find the object standing between it and the light. (Cyd Madsen)

Cyd Madsen - From the Depression category:

The shades of an artist's depression are much deeper and cross a greater tonal value than the average bear's. (Cyd Madsen)

Cyd Madsen - From the Perception category:

Relax, dump the junk and hystrionics of being an artist, wilfully saw the edges off that razor sharp perception, and let the world wash over us, feeding us what we need. Perhaps we can see best when we're looking for the least. (Cyd Madsen)

Cyd Madsen - From the Photography category:

There is no finer training for the artist than photography. It teaches one the compulsion of art. (Cyd Madsen)