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Helena Tiainen Quotes

Quotes by Helena Tiainen - (7 quotes)

Helena Tiainen - From the Courage category:

We all are born into a world that already exists and are brainwashed from the minute we take our first breath... It's easy to be a follower... It takes courage to be a good leader. (Helena Tiainen)

Helena Tiainen - From the Discipline category:

Mental discipline of directing and choosing ones thoughts, of letting go of the ones that do not serve the process is of utmost importance. (Helena Tiainen)

Helena Tiainen - From the Emotion category:

One does not paint just for the look of it but for the feel of it. (Helena Tiainen)

Helena Tiainen - From the Fear category:

Fear makes us feel small and uncertain, uncomfortable and separate. Fearlessness expands and creates possibilities. (Helena Tiainen)

Helena Tiainen - From the Perception category:

Perception is not fixed but very fluid. That which you abhor today, you just may love tomorrow. (Helena Tiainen)

Helena Tiainen - From the Time category:

Artists need to spend time with their work – to get to know it. (Helena Tiainen)

Helena Tiainen - From the Unknowns category:

Stepping into the previously unknown is a reward in itself. It makes you feel very alive. (Helena Tiainen)