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Simone Bingemer Quotes

Quotes by Simone Bingemer - (5 quotes)

Simone Bingemer - From the Challenge category:

I am often helplessly confronted by the picture... filled with suspense. What I have drawn suddenly seems to have developed its own dynamic - one that is not always necessarily kind to me. It is a genuine struggle and challenge. (Simone Bingemer)

Simone Bingemer - From the Imagination category:

What renders a picture 'life' are the fantasies it evokes - mine, the viewer's and the model's. (Simone Bingemer)

Simone Bingemer - From the Observation category:

Often it is tiny fragments which either make a picture convincing or totally incidental. (Simone Bingemer)

Simone Bingemer - From the Perception category:

Opting for one perception eliminates all others. (Simone Bingemer)

Simone Bingemer - From the Portraiture category:

Clothes should not be allowed to take over the portrait. (Simone Bingemer)