Quotes about Simplicity
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Quotes about Simplicity

Quotes about Sincerity

Quotes about Simplicity

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Men are always sincere. They change sincerities, that's all. (George Ade)

Sincerity and temperament are the crucial forms and colors of my works. (Raul D. Arellano)

Live a sincere life; be natural, and be honest with yourself. (Meher Baba)

The essential element in personal magnetism is a consuming sincerity - an overwhelming faith in the importance of the work one has to do. (Bruce Barton)

The damnable thing about bad art is that the insincerity which lies at its roots is not perceived by the artist himself. (Quentin Bell)

The merit of originality is not novelty, it is sincerity. The believing man is the original man; he believes for himself, not for another. (Thomas Carlyle)

The artist himself may not think he is religious, but if he is sincere his sincerity in itself is religion. (Emily Carr)

We ought to see far enough into a hypocrite to see even his sincerity. (G. K. Chesterton)

Sincerity is not a spontaneous flower nor is modesty either. (Sidonie Gabrielle Colette)

Be guided by feelings alone... Before any site and any object, abandon yourself to your first impression. If you have really been touched, you will convey to others the sincerity of your emotion. (Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot)

You can look at art 'til you are overwhelmed, but when you go to the easel you are only yourself, and that is all that you can honestly paint. (CT Cummins)

All that is necessary to paint well is to be sincere. (Maurice Denis)

A sincere artist is not one who makes a faithful attempt to put on to canvas what is in front of him, but one who tries to create something which is, in itself, a living thing. (William Dobell)

Earnestness is needed in this world as much as any virtue. (James Ellis)

Always be sincere, whether you mean it or not. (Michael Flanders)

- as quoted in Murphy's Law Book Two...
The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that you've got it made. (Jean Giraudoux)

What is called a sincere work is one that is endowed with enough strength to give reality to an illusion. (Max Jacob)

Earnestness and sincereness are synonymous. (Corita Kent)

No man can produce great things who is not thoroughly sincere in dealing with himself. (James Russell Lowell)

Sincerity is impossible, unless it pervade the whole being, and the pretence of it saps the very foundation of character. (James Russell Lowell)

Only dull and impotent artists screen their work with sincerity. In art there is need for truth, not sincerity. (Kasimir Malevich)

It's never what you say, but how you make it sound sincere. (Marya Mannes)

Sincerity is the way to heaven; to think how to be sincere is the way of man. (Mencius)

For a creative writer, possession of the 'truth' is less important than emotional sincerity. (George Orwell)

Youth is the period of assumed personalities and disguises. It is the time of the sincerely insincere. (Victor Sawden Pritchett)

The work should display excellence and be painted with skill and sincerity. (Ron Ranson)

I am not sincere, not even when I say I am not. (Jules Renard)

Real art brings feelings of truth in any form – abstract, realistic or compositional creative fantasies. A real artist cannot be insincere by his/her artistic nature. (Yaroslaw Rozputnyak)

Say what you mean and act how you feel, / because those who matter don't mind, / and those who mind don't matter. (Dr. Seuss)

Always be sincere, even if you don't mean it. (Harry S. Truman)

There is nothing more sincere than one coat of paint. (Milos Vujasinovic)

Smiling away your troubles requires a clear conscience that harbors no insincerity. (Paramahansa Yogananda)

If knowledge and foresight are too penetrating and deep, unify them with ease and sincerity. (Xun Zi)