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Maurice Denis Quotes

Quotes by Maurice Denis - (5 quotes)

Maurice Denis - From the Art category:

Art is when things appear rounded. (Maurice Denis)

Maurice Denis - From the Colour category:

-on a frieze by Tintoretto...
There were apples painted in pale green and bright red on a ground of emerald green leaves. It is all colour. One might say it was a Cezanne. (Maurice Denis)

Maurice Denis - From the Freedom category:

We learned from Gauguin that every work of art is a transposition, a caricature, a passionate equivalent of a sensation which has been experienced. He freed us from all restraints which the idea of copying naturally placed on our painter's instincts. All artists are now free to express their own personality. (Maurice Denis)

Maurice Denis - From the Painting category:

Remember that a painting – before it is a battle horse, a nude model, or some anecdote – is essentially a flat surface covered with colours assembled in a certain order. (Maurice Denis)

Maurice Denis - From the Sincerity category:

All that is necessary to paint well is to be sincere. (Maurice Denis)