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Ron Ranson Quotes

Quotes by Ron Ranson - (19 quotes)

Ron Ranson - From the Boredom category:

One sees so many boring paintings which are unsuccessful because the artist has not thought out what he or she wanted to say in the first place. (Ron Ranson)

Ron Ranson - From the Choices category:

Realize that as an artist you have the power to select or reject. Use the scene before you only as a starting point. (Ron Ranson)

Ron Ranson - From the Colour category:

My personal theory is that being frugal with the number of colours, one gets to know them intimately and to understand how each reacts with the others. (Ron Ranson)

Ron Ranson - From the Design category:

What seems to divide the excellent and lasting from the mundane and forgettable works is the underlying design control... this basic abstract organization of elements. (Ron Ranson)

Ron Ranson - From the Gradation category:

To get the effect of distance in a flat field or an area of water, the answer is gradation... either from the front to the back, or side to side. It can often solve the problem of what to do with your foreground. (Ron Ranson)

Ron Ranson - From the Interest category:

Where do you put your centre of interest, the focal point of the whole painting? This should attract the eye immediately, and there must be just one... Never, never in the centre or right on the edges. The ideal and most interesting place for it is where the distance from it to all four edges is different. (Ron Ranson)

Ron Ranson - From the Money category:

If you spoil a painting, turn the paper over and paint on the other side. No need to worry about the cost then as the money has already gone. (Ron Ranson)

Ron Ranson - From the Nature category:

The trouble with nature is that it's full of interesting things that clamour for your attention, rather like a Property Room in a theatre. It's up to you to select the relevant items you need. (Ron Ranson)

Ron Ranson - From the Nature category:

The trouble is that nature and art are not the same thing at all. A glance at any photograph, no matter how well taken, will show you that nature is not in the picture-making business. (Ron Ranson)

Ron Ranson - From the Painting category:

I regard paint like mustard – it has to be freshly squeezed out, juicy and plentiful. Anything else and you're not giving yourself a chance. (Ron Ranson)

Ron Ranson - From the Photography category:

Some of the advantages of the camera are that it is compact and light and you can gather a lot of material in a short space of time. It can record constantly changing light patterns... rapid weather changes, and you can take photographs in atrocious conditions, such as pouring rain and snowstorms. (Ron Ranson)

Ron Ranson - From the Photography category:

It is vitally important that you regard the camera as a means to an end, not as an end in itself. (Ron Ranson)

Ron Ranson - From the Plagiarism category:

It should be obvious why it's easier to copy someone else's painting, rather than work on site or even from a photograph. All the selection, rejection and design have already been done for you. (Ron Ranson)

Ron Ranson - From the Planning category:

Without planning, your painting will probably be indecisive and fragmented, and you'll try to say too much in one picture. (Ron Ranson)

Ron Ranson - From the Simplicity category:

Simplicity can only be achieved by forethought, planning and insight. It actually takes much more effort to create a bold simple painting, than to endlessly worry and poke a picture to death. (Ron Ranson)

Ron Ranson - From the Sincerity category:

The work should display excellence and be painted with skill and sincerity. (Ron Ranson)

Ron Ranson - From the Technique category:

All the technique in the business won't guarantee you success as an artist, any more than painstakingly learning every tennis stroke will get you to Wimbledon. You can only be sure you won't get there without them. (Ron Ranson)

Ron Ranson - From the Tradition category:

Traditional skills in art are boring to them [the media], they want something new and sensational, and they want it all the time, no matter how inept or opportunistic it might be. (Ron Ranson)

Ron Ranson - From the Values category:

Make the mid-value shape the biggest one and make the light and dark shapes smaller, but never equally sized. One or the other should dominate. These light and dark shapes should also touch or overlap if possible. (Ron Ranson)