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Max Jacob Quotes

Quotes by Max Jacob - (5 quotes)

Max Jacob - From the Cubism category:

- The Cubist Poets in Paris: An Anthology...
Cubism is... a picture for its own sake. Literary Cubism does the same thing in literature, using reality merely as a means and not as an end. (Max Jacob)

Max Jacob - From the Friendship category:

Friendship is inexplicable; it should not be explained if one doesn't want to kill it. (Max Jacob)

Max Jacob - From the Play category:

- La Defense de Tartuffe...
Art is a game. Too bad for him who makes a duty of it. (Max Jacob)

Max Jacob - From the Poetry category:

The poet's expression of joy conceals his despair at not having found the reality of joy. (Max Jacob)

Max Jacob - From the Sincerity category:

What is called a sincere work is one that is endowed with enough strength to give reality to an illusion. (Max Jacob)