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Quotes about Obsession

Quotes about Oils

Quotes about Obsession

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Patience pays huge dividends when painting with oils. In order to paint with clean, fresh colour you need to stop from time to time and clean the brush... and don't think that a painting has to be finished in one go. (Stephen Brown)

-A Manual of Oil Painting, 1890
Even when we have done our best to hasten the drying of our picture, it will certainly not be in a fit state to work on again until a clear day has elapsed. This is one of the serious inconveniences of oil painting; but it can be easily met by having two pictures going on on alternate days, which is not a bad thing in other ways, as the change of subject gives the eye a rest. (John Collier)

-A Manual of Oil Painting, 1890
As a general rule, one should never touch an oil painting unless it is quite wet or quite dry. Unless very exceptional effects are required, there is nothing more fatal than to work at a picture when it is sticky. (John Collier)

Oil paint is sensuous and I find it highly seductive. Like life. (Ann Dettmer)

To a nonpainter, oil paint is uninteresting and faintly unpleasant. To a painter, it is the life's blood: a substance so utterly entrancing, infuriating, and ravishingly beautiful that it makes it worthwhile to go back into the studio every morning, year after year, for an entire lifetime. (James Elkins)

The muddy moods of oil paints are the painter's muddy humors, and its brilliant transformations are the painter's unexpected discoveries. (James Elkins)

Oil painting is like having a mistress: seductive, endlessly fascinating, but eternally elusive. (Andrew Hamilton)

The linseed oil in binders and mediums bounce the light around and give oil paintings a certain glow. You see it in Mona Lisa's face, and much of Tiepolo's and Titian's work. (Cassandra James)

When I was thirteen or fourteen I bought a paintbox with oil paints from money slowly saved up. The feeling I had at the time – or better – the experience of color coming slowly out of the tube – is with me to this day. (Wassily Kandinsky)

Flesh was the reason oil paint was invented. (Willem de Kooning)

I like to maneuver the paint on the canvas, which is something you can't do with acrylics... I like to see the brush strokes. (Helmut Langeder)

There is nothing quite like the smell of oil paint and medium, or creating a vision of reality with the deft stroke of a brush or palette knife. (Mark Larson)

A smart walk through a gallery from a fifteenth century to a sixteenth century, and then a seventeenth century room will reveal how in successive centuries the brilliancy of oil picture diminishes... (A. P. Laurie)

Unlike usual oil paint practice, the first stroke of my brush adds the lightest light, and from there I work backwards to the darkest dark. (Neil Patterson)

If you want to paint in thick brushstrokes then you must begin with thick paint - don't thin your oil paints with turpentine or other thinning agents. (Kathryn Stats)

Did you know that in Russian, the word for oil paint can also be applied to butter?... oil paintings should be very tasty! (Aleksander Titovets)

I find it boring to paint just with oil paints... I imbed things into it, blow ash and dust into it, slowly building up a surface, which is a bit more interesting. (Deon Venter)