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Kathryn Stats Quotes

Quotes by Kathryn Stats - (4 quotes)

Kathryn Stats - From the Composition category:

I love the complicated logic of a perfect composition. It is not just the shapes and lines that make one travel through a painting. It's the placement of the strongest colors, the sharpest lines, and the dominant shapes. (Kathryn Stats)

Kathryn Stats - From the Oils category:

If you want to paint in thick brushstrokes then you must begin with thick paint - don't thin your oil paints with turpentine or other thinning agents. (Kathryn Stats)

Kathryn Stats - From the Photography category:

A photograph can provide the reference points that allow me to re-experience the place while I'm painting. (Kathryn Stats)

Kathryn Stats - From the Plein-Air category:

The sun on rich objects and mystery in shadows, the feel of the temperature and atmosphere on my skin - these are the foundations of my compulsion to paint. (Kathryn Stats)